Jehovah’s Witness demands a bloodless transplant and sues to get it

Now here is a news story that illustrates just how truly insanely stupid an irrational belief can make you. When faced with a choice between an irrational belief, or a life saving operation, I’m sure your previous experience with these Jehovah’s Witness kooks will allow you to guess the choice made.

Its all concerns a lady called Mary Stinemetz, 64, who needed a liver transplant, one that would be paid for by Medicaid, at the University of Kansas Hospital. The problem (for her) was that she would be forced to compromise her Jehovah’s Witness delusions, because she would also need to receive a blood transfusion as part of this operation, something she believes violates the fictional laws of  a mythological supernatural entity (to whom she has given a pet name of “God”)

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