More Islamist updates from Goldsmiths ISOC

The Goldsmiths saga continues. I truly thought my last posting on the abysmal behaviour by members of the Islamic Society (ISOC) at Goldsmiths university would be the last one, but no, the saga continues, and so their latest statement prompts me to point out that their belligerent condescending attitude towards anybody who has the temerity to … Read more

The Goldsmiths Islamists (ISOC) & their LGBT & Feminist “Friends”

Since blogging about this rather bizarre confrontation a few days ago, things have become even weirder and far more bizarre, so much so, that it all warrants a return to take a closer look at ISOC (The Goldsmiths Islamic society). First The Backstory On 30 November 2015 Maryam Namazie gave a talk at Goldsmiths University. She had been … Read more

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