#ParisAttacks – The root cause was Islamism

Many words will flow as a result of Paris, and so hopefully most of those words will give expression to our empathy and humanity … sorrow, anguish, disgust, grief, and much more, and yet there is also a danger that other words will arise and be deployed unjustly against entire communities. I’ve been there and have not … Read more

Islamism – The fascism of our age

You would think that looking back in history we would have learned a lesson from the horrendously high body count that fanatical fascism yielded, but apparently the only lesson we learn from history is that sometimes we really don’t learn from history – today fascism is alive and well and thriving. Perhaps we don’t recognise … Read more

Pakistani cleric is now victim of the Blasphemy laws that he promoted

Blasphemy laws are meaningless bits of legal nonsense that do nothing except empower a specific religious faction to oppress and stifle almost anything that they decide they are offended about, and that “offence” is never actually defined but is usually sufficiently vague enough to be applied to whatever a random cleric thinks it needs to … Read more

The problem is not the Fanatics but rather the Fundamentals of Islam

Andrew Bolt the Australian journalist, newspaper columnist, radio commentator, blogger and television host, has come up with a little list entitled “Just one week in the world of Islam” where he writes … What the hell is the problem with Islam? In the past week.. In Kenya: At least 34 people have been killed after … Read more

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