Religious Porn

A big-ticket item that religious beliefs often promote is the idea that they retain an exclusive claim on the high moral ground – unless you embrace the belief and (slipping into Christian speak mode) are washed in the blood of Jesus / Baptised in the spirit / have invited Jesus into your heart, then you are lost and … Read more

How to be truly obnoxious

I never cease to be amazed at how a deeply embraced belief can motivate some individuals to behave in a truly abhorrent manner. Now you are perhaps thinking that I’m talking about religious belief, and perhaps I am because some religious people can behave towards others in a deeply offensive manner, for example by declaring that all … Read more

It is not just about “belief” vs “non-belief”

Believing things that are not actually true motivates some to behave in an abhorrent manner, so much so that they can end up grinding some rather basic human rights under their belief-shaped boots. To illustrate, consider the manner in which people who happen to be gay are ostracized and condemned by many faith communities. Further … Read more

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