Failed Claims: “The fix is in: Newsweek Hillary issue in print before election happened”

For what are rather obvious reasons this claim is dead in the water, however just prior to the election is was thriving. It is inevitable that a Hillary would have given it a huge boost and that it would then continue to have circulated for quite some time. OK, so what was going on here? It … Read more

Clickbait satire: “Hillary’s empathy for those less fortunate is DISGUSTING”

It is quite clearly one of the most bizarre election cycles ever seen. While it might be tempting to tack the phrase, “In living memory”, on to that last sentence, I find that I don’t need to. In short … Trump : Misogyny, racism, xenophobia, bankruptcy, corruption, rape of a 13 year old, sexual predator … Read more

Truly Bizarre Claims “Hillary Clinton Lies Because Satan Controls The Democratic Party”

The claim that “Hillary Clinton Lies Because Satan Controls The Democratic Party” is of course a bit of political theatre and so when you learn who made this claim, then you will simply roll your eyes, because rhetoric like this is the norm for this guy and not an exception. It was Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson. This … Read more

The hidden truth about Hillary Clinton

There exists a persistent myth that there is something highly dubious about Hillary Clinton and that many are voting for her simply because the Republican alternative is even worse. Generally I see claims pop up on FB asserting that she is dishonest and when asked, the common reply is some variation of “Clearly you have not been … Read more

Hillary Clinton Mythology

I am quite frankly astonished to observe the degree of mythology that has grown up around both Bill and Hillary Clinton. To give you an idea of what is floating about, here is a list to various claims that have all been robustly fact-checked on Snopes and discovered to be completely and utterly false … The … Read more

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