Facebook and “Freedom of Expression”


As the 2020 elections loom in the US and also in the UK in just a few weeks, the role that Facebook plays in swinging the outcome via outright manipulation and lies is coming sharply into focus. “I don’t know, I can’t remember” There was this recent interaction between AOC and Mark Zuckerberg. What happened … Read more

What is going to happen at the 2018 Midterm US elections?

There is perhaps one good aspect that can indeed be attributed to Trump. He has been a very positive source of inspiration and motivation for many, not by design, but by just being himself. Basically the field of Democratic candidates for election in 2018 is fast filling up with young dynamic non-traditional people who would … Read more

Why do poor people in red states vote Republicans into office?

You would think that people on social welfare and Medicaid would be voting to elect those that support the concept of social welfare into office, yet time after time the candidates opposed to such support keep getting elected, so it can only leave you wondering what exactly is going on inside their heads – why do they … Read more

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