e-devices coming in the next 20 years

The just-released February issue of the Journal of the Society for Information Display contains the first-ever critical review of current and future prospects for electronic paper functions – in other words reviewing and critiquing the technologies that will bring us devices like

  • full-color, high-speed, low-power e-readers;
  • iPads that can be viewed in bright sunlight, or
  • e-readers and iPads so flexible that they can be rolled up and put in a pocket.

The University of Cincinnati’s Jason Heikenfeld, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and an internationally recognized researcher in the field of electrofluidics, is the lead author on the paper titled “A Critical Review of the Present and Future Prospects for Electronic Paper.” Others contributing to the article are industry researcher Paul Drzaic of Drzaic Consulting Services; research scientist Jong-Souk (John) Yeo of Hewlett-Packard’s Imaging and Printing Group; and research scientist Tim Koch, who currently manages Hewlett-Packard’s effort to develop flexible electronics.

The full paper is available at the journal’s site.

This Year

  • Color e-readers will be out in the consumer market by mid year in 2011. However, cautions Heikenfeld, the color will be muted as compared to what consumers are accustomed to, say, on an iPad. Researchers will continue to work toward next-generation (brighter) color in e-Readers as well as high-speed functionality that will eventually allow for point-and-click web browsing and video on devices like the Kindle.

Already in use but expansive adoption and breakthoughs imminent:

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