Is Intelligent Design scientific?

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design is the idea that life as we know it was designed and that evolution is a myth. It is essentially creationism dressed up to sound sciency and so the claim is presented without all the religious terminology. This topic has popped up because the Discovery Institute, the primary promoters of the idea, have … Read more

Really daft claim: “Atheism Is a Religion, and Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos Seek Converts”

Just how truly weird can claims made by serious intelligent people become? The answer would appear to be really really weird, because this latest example is truly quite stunning. David Klinghoffer, an author and Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute, the organization that is the driving force behind the intelligent design movement has written an article within “Evolution News & … Read more

“There are no Genuine Atheists” claims an Astrophysicist

Yep, a real Astrophysicist has made this claim … but we are deeply into kook territory here.

Before we get into details, I think I better first introduce you to the claimant. This comes from a chap called David Klinghoffer. He works for the Discovery Institute as a … well, that does not really matter, because knowing that it is the Discovery Institute tells you all you really need to know; its basically kook central for the Intelligent Design movement.

Since it is indeed “them” you know in your heart of hearts this is going to be truly silly (it is), so here we go. He starts out with

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Intelligent Design examined – Peer Review

There is a thriving sub-culture of folks out there who dismiss evolution and instead promote an alternative known as, “Intelligent Design”. At the forefront of this movement is the Discovery Institute. Often when I hear such claims, I dismiss them with the observation that they have no actual evidence, hence its not science.

As a response to this observation, they have a list of claimed Peer-review articles that are supposed to be credible. The link to the list on their site is here, so lets take a look.

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UK Centre for Intelligent Stupidity

An article appeared in the Guardian a few days ago announcing … UK Centre for Intelligent Design claims it will focus on science, not religion The Centre for Intelligent Design features a video introduction from Dr Alastair Noble, who has argued that ID should not be excluded from the study of origins. He says, among … Read more

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