Slaughter of 3 years old during “exorcism”

Pictured above is 3-year-old Arely Naomi Proctor. She was tortured to death by her grandfather, uncle, and mother. Convinced that she had demons, they inflicted a truly horrendous 12 hour religious ritual that would supposedly free her, but they ended up slaughtering her in a gruesome and hideous manner. Arely died on Sept. 24, 2021, … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

I’ve been doing these weekly posting of weird religious news items for a few months now. You might wonder if there is ever a week when nothing really weird makes it into the news cycle. Has this week been such a week? Nope. So far, each and every week I have no problem randomly picking … Read more

Top 3 Weekly Weird Religious News Items

And so another week has passed. Each week I cast my eyes over the religious landscape to see if anything weird catches my eye. It is of course wholly subjective, and yet for most, also truly bizarre stuff. So did anything catch my eye? Nope, it has been a very dull week, and nothing of … Read more

Are Demons Real?

Let’s start with the basics first – There is no evidence that supernatural entities known as demons are real and actually exist. There are of course many stories. The concept is also a powerful religious idea that helps people to explain some things, hence the idea thrives and persists. Many belief systems claim that unseen hidden supernatural entities … Read more

Bizarre Award: Pat Robertson Claims Atheist Who Won’t Believe Might Be Demon-Possessed

For some reason Pat Robertson just keeps popping up. He has a remarkable gift for coming out with some truly weird and wonderfully whacky stuff that leaves you perhaps wondering, “Nah, he just can’t get any weirder” … and yet give him a few weeks and sure enough, up he pops to robustly verify that … Read more

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