Are Atheists Afraid of God?

The author and Broadcaster, Eric Metaxas,  has chipped into the debate regarding the latest quite frankly rather daft claim within a new book by Larry Alex Taunton that claims that well-known Intellectual and Atheist Christopher Hitchens (pictured above) was seriously pondering the idea of a death-bed conversion just before he died. Given that his article is entitled, … Read more

Daft Claim: Atheism will decline (prepare to be amused)

So an article on News24 caught my eye that claims that it is inevitable that Atheism will decline. Now when faced with such articles I do wonder if the author is serious, or if he is simply trolling for a reaction – in this instance, I truly do think that he is serious. So let’s take a look … Read more

Daft Claim of the Week: Debunking being gay with Magnets

Every now and then, whenever I’m tempted to consider the idea that nobody could possible be “that” stupid, somebody will of course pop up and prove me ever so wrong. Today’s offering concerns doctoral candidate Chibuihem Amalaha from Nigeria who has announced that he has successfully disproved homosexuality. This chap is not making the usual religious objections, … Read more

Claim: “Evidence For God: Not Necessary” – Yep, another truly daft claim

A “You don’t need evidence” claim appears to have been doing the rounds on Islamic sites, and so courtesy of the wonders of cut-and-paste, you will find it popping up these days. I spotted it today … again! … and so felt it appropriate to blog a quick response to illustrate just how utterly insane … Read more

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