Bruno and Bob signed up for a predatory conference

predatory conferences

You are perhaps familiar with the concept of predatory science journals. This is where a supposedly peer-reviewed journal will publish scientific articles, but will in reality publish anything as long as you are willing to pay them a high fee. The range of these runs from those that are simply poor quality all the way … Read more

The US Climate Revolution at the climate conference

Everything US related at the US Climate Conference in Bonn is in some ways an outright climate revolution in the sense that it is a rebellion against the normal. So let’s mull over this for a bit today. As I’m sure you are perhaps aware, there is the both the official US delegation and what … Read more

Notes from the British Humanist Association conference – #BHA2015 – 21st June

Today, the 21st June, is World Humanist day, and so the fact that it is the longest brightest day is also in so many ways an appropriately symbolic choice for such a day since the 1980s. It is of course no coincidence that the British Humanist Association is currently holding an annual conference this weekend, and so … Read more

Notes from the British Humanist Association conference – #BHA2015 – 20th June

OK, these are just a few very brief notes and pictures from #BHA2015 that is taking place this year in Bristol. One initial observation, this is not simply about coming to listen to some fascinating talks, but is also all about meeting some truly fascinating people, so if you are actually here in Bristol at the … Read more

The Hitchhikers guide to #TAM2014 – a few notes on how to thrive

Yea hey … its #TAM2014 time (hint the twitter hash tag is #TAM2014 … ah but that is how you found this perhaps). OK first point, this is not an official guide, just a few (hopefully brief) notes that will hopefully help you to not just survive, but thrive. What is happening where and when? Surf on … Read more

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