NASA: June 2019 was hottest ever June

Back on 5th July I was writing about the release of data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). This official EU body had data that reported that June 2019 was the hottest June ever recorded on planet earth. It was the first of various datasets. The latest update is that the NASA GISS data … Read more

Increasing CO2 level increases Ocean Acidification – 450ppm is very bad

What is perhaps not appreciated by some is that as CO2 increases and the oceans continue to absorb it, there is a huge consequence. The basic chemistry involved results in what is known as Ocean Acidification. There is a paper that was published back in 2008 that examined the impact that various level of CO2 within … Read more

Something rather startling is happening to Sea Ice – #Arctic #ClimateChange

As we roll through the months the quantity of Arctic sea ice will of course follow natural seasonal variations. In recent decades it has been observed that it is very much in decline overall, but to some degree this Arctic sea ice loss has been balanced out by a corresponding gain of sea ice in the Antarctic, … Read more

Twitter Storm on Climate Change and Balance at the BBC

Physicist Helen Czerski has managed to stir things up recently when tweeting about Climate Change: The Inconvenient Facts. To set the ball rolling climate scientist Michael Mann took to Twitter to complain that the BBC was “actively promoting misinformation” about man-made climate change, and in reply Helen Czerski, responded that the show is “v. balanced in sense … Read more

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