The Destruction of Family life

The Pope has announced that he wants to forge alliances with other religions against gay marriage, saying the family was threatened “to its foundations” by attempts to change its “true structure”. He said: “There is no denying the crisis that threatens it (the family) to its foundations – especially in the Western world.” Actually there is … Read more

NI inquiry needs legal teeth to investigate child abuse

Amnesty International has issued a warning that a Northern Ireland government-led investigation into clerical child abuse may fail. Why? The problem is that within its annual global report on human rights, Amnesty has highlighted problems with the terms of the inquiry’s reference. “In September, the Northern Ireland executive announced proposals for the establishment of an … Read more

If you knew Child Abuse was taking place, could you honestly do nothing at all?

I blogged yesterday about the evidence presented by a BBC documentary that Cardinal Seán Brady, when tasked with investigating some child abuse, was given a list of other children being abused and did nothing about it. I did not expect to return to the topic so soon, and yet here I am again … why? Well, … Read more

Cardinal Seán Brady: had names and addresses of those being abused and did nothing

I watched the BBC’s “This World show” last night regarding the complete moral failure of Cardinal Seán Brady. I knew this was coming, but thought that I would watch the program first before I commented on it so that I could that share my reaction to the details and not simply comment on reports of … Read more

Report: Tens of thousands of children abused in Dutch Catholic institutions

There was an article yesterday in the UK’s Guardian that reports eight hundred Catholic clergy and church employees were guilty of abusing children over 40 years. What is utterly tragic is that this news hardly makes a ripple any more and is almost brushed over as a given – we are by now all suffering … Read more

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