Carl Sagan’s Thoughts on Abortion

Carl Sagan’s book titled “Billions and Billions, Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium“, contains a rather interesting chapter on the topic of Abortion. (Chapter 15 to be precise). Side Note: Interestingly enough, Carl himself never once used the phrase “Billion and Billions” in Cosmos. He did of course stress the B … Read more

Carl Sagan’s thoughts on Socialism

While being interviewed back in 1989 Carl Sagan was asked “Are you a Socialist?” You can almost hear Ted Turner treating the word “socialist” as an almost derogatory term, and so this was perhaps tossed at him as if he was being asked if he was a child molester. The answer Carl gives reflects his character and … Read more

Pushing the envelope of gullibility

Since we are deep into the working week, I’ll lighten up a bit today and have a bit of fun. Humans generally tend to not simply take what we find asis, but also often can’t resist the urge to tweak and improve things, and apparently the Nigerian 419 guys are not immune to that urge. To … Read more

Detecting Bullshit – A quick refresher from Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan had a wonderful mind that was capable of cutting through all the noise and clearly communicating and inspiring millions. He may indeed be sadly missed, but his words and thoughts still echo loudly even today. If, and I confess it is possible, you are wondering … “Who?”, well OK here is a quick … Read more

Book Review: The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan

I’ve stumbled across a book review in the UK’s Guardian, it is a review of Carl Sagan’s, “Demon-Haunted World” and has been reviewed by Tim Radford. In my mind, this is a must-have book and is very much a skeptical classic. Tim describes Sagan and the book as follows … Sagan spent most of his … Read more

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