Tom Hanks slams cancer quacks

Now here is a nice little snippet, my news filter managed to pluck out a gem from amongst all the usual content-free tinsel and glitter of show-biz gossip within the Yahoo Celebrity category that encapsulates some good critical thinking commentary being deployed by Tom Hanks. First a quick bit of context – Tom Hanks is married to Rita Wilson, … Read more

Burzynski Quackery … some updates, and some good news.

I’ve a few Burzynski quackery updates for you. First is the news that Rhys Morgan, the 17-year-old skeptical blogger, has an article published in today’s UK Guardian (now that is impressive). He writes  about the details behind the Burzynski saga and then finishes with a very good quote that nails it … “[Plaintiffs] cannot, by simply … Read more

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