Brian Dunning

Much has been said by many and much of what has been said is quite frankly not factual, or is perhaps misleading due to the omission of specific details. Perhaps it might be best to simply point to the statement that Brian has issued himself. He explains … On August 4, 2014, the judge sentenced … Read more

A bit of fun …Messing about with Gravity

There exists a very strange place on planet earth, so weird that gravity as we know it does not appear to work as we expect.

Here is a clip by well-known skeptic, Brian Dunning, illustrating this weird anomaly. It is located within Death Valley deep inside one of the hidden canyons (Mosaic Canyon) and caught my attention because I was in that exact spot a couple of months ago myself and was quite amazed by it. Anyway, here is Brian explaining …

OK, so what is going on here, is this credible or is there something else happening? Does gravity really behave like this?

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