How can you get around Book Censorship?

Banning and perhaps even burning books has been a popular pastime for some. I can only wonder if those motivated to embark upon this path have ever actually read Ray Bradbury‘s dystopian “Fahrenheit 451“. For those unfamiliar with that, it is a 1953 book about a future American society in which all books have been … Read more

Should you Trust the Wisdom of Malcolm Gladwell?

Malcolm Gladwell has a new book coming out this month (Sept 2019 – Talking to Strangers). If you are not familiar with who he is or his books, then perhaps a quick summary is appropriate. If you are also into behavioral economics, then the news of yet another of his books just might be motivating … Read more

Books: What would you recommend?

It is time to see if you have any good cognitive toolkit suggestions. First the context. Somebody (who shall remain nameless) was asking for recommendations for a good book. They just happen to be somebody who was/is a Christian believer, but now faces a lot of doubts … and so is sitting on the fence. … Read more

FREE Skeptical book on Amazon: “How do we know what is really true?”

Yes, its a shameless book plug today – my own to be precise. I’ve published the first skeptical byte in what I hope will be a long series on the Amazon kindle store. Since this is the first, I’ve started with a rather fundamental question, “How do we know what is really true?” Answering such a question … Read more

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