Bill Maher: the Moral bankruptcy of Evangelicals

Bill Maher

Let’s take a break from my normal postings and spend 5 minutes today with Bill Maher. He has a few words concerning third rails … Thanks to Trump, piety itself has ceased to be a third rail in American politics. How could it anymore when the world’s least godly man has been so fully embraced … Read more

Bill Maher promotes a HIV Cure quack

The very short TL;DR; summary is perhaps “yikes”. So I sat down to enjoy the latest episode of Real Time with Bill maher, and was totally floored when he wheeled on Charlie Sheen’s HIV Quack, “Dr.” Samir Chachoua, and then proceeds to interview him. What then emerged were some totally unfounded claims, and so here … Read more

Bill Maher: Christianity Under Attack?

Sometimes he really does nail it. What faced with the absurd rhetoric that “Christianity is Under Attack by Liberals”, Bill proceeds to not simply slice and dice this nonsense, he complete and utterly nukes it with the facts … There are of course many out there who believe the absurd rhetoric, and so what needs … Read more

Muslim Disagrees with Sam Harris and Bill Maher for pointing out the violence

Kashif Chaudhry, an Ahmadiyya Muslim and also a doctor, has blogged a posting within the express tribune in which he disagrees with Sam Harris and also Bill Maher – translation – religious guy disagrees with vocal criticism of religious beliefs, and so this should not be a surprise, but there is a bit more to it than that. … Read more

The religious conversion of Bill Maher

OK, so this is not so serious today and concerns the musings of a Christian playing “What if” in response to a satire clip by Bill Maher. I’ll post Bill’s religious conversion clip at the end (it’s a bit of hilarious satire), but first lets take a look at what this lady has been dreaming … Read more

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