Catholic cardinal declares a boycott: I’d personally be embarrassed if he turned up

The Irish premier, Enda Kenny, who leads the Fine Gael-Labour coalition in Ireland that currently holds the seat of power in Ireland, is off on a visit to Boston College to address graduates at the 137th annual Boston College Commencement Exercises on 20 May. In response to this official engagement an American Catholic cardinal, Sean O’Malley, has said he … Read more

Abortion Debate – Texas Freethought Convention – Matt Dillahunty vs. Kristine Kruszelnicki

Now here is an interesting debate that recently took place. First some brief facts … It’s a debate between two atheists: Matt Dillahunty and Kristine Kruszelnicki and was Titled “Secularists Should Not Support the Right To Abortion”. It starts off with an Introduction by Paul Cooper. He is the President Texas Freethought Convention (that is … Read more

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