2014 Nobel Prize – Peace … rather a lot of upset often comes from this one

This is the one that they often get very very wrong. I don’t mean to imply that those within the selection process are either stupid or daft, but rather is an observation that it is perhaps a political decision, and so when the decision goes against the tide of my own personal politics, it becomes … Read more

2014 Nobel Prize – Literature … the writing is on the wall

The written word is in many respects a profound concept – the idea that we can capture and persist thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts, dreams and visions in a format that can live on long after the author has passed and be picked up and absorbed is truly astonishing. We take it for granted because we have … Read more

2014 Nobel Prize – Chemistry … this is not something small, it really is a big deal

And so it is on to the Nobel Prize announcement for Chemistry and I’m betting that they have won the prize for doing something that is basically described using a collection of words you have never heard of and have no idea what they mean at all … well it is not just you, many … Read more

2014 Nobel Prize – Physics … I’ve seen the light

It’s Nobel Prize time again and today we find out who wins the Prize for Physics. This one usually excites because it is often somebody well-known, or for something well deserved, and this year is indeed a great choice – they really do get this one right year after year. Awarded annually since 1901 (except in 1940, … Read more

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