QAnon – It is March 5th – Another prediction fails

Political cartoonist Michael de Adder beautifully nails it with this gem.
(I love the symbolic small touch of him missing the shot)

Here we are on March 5th and sure enough as safe as predicting sunrise, the prediction that yet another QAnon “prediction” would fail has come to pass. Just like the last one, and the one before that, and the one before that … rinse and repeat Ad Infinitum.

The big bold “promise” was that on March 4th, Trump would be installed back in the White House.

Didn’t happen.

Who saw that coming?

Just about everybody, the vast majority, who have not been sucked into the QAnon cult of lies, deception, and delusion on steroids.

What happens now?

Oh come now, you know the drill.

Another date will be picked, and once again that in turn will fail. You would think that by now they would wise up. Some really do, but many who are too deeply invested emotionally can’t let go, and so this ghost train carrying glassy-eyed victims into a meaningless oblivion continues rolling on.

I’m really not kidding, apparently it is March 20th now.

That’s a cue for the Trump DC hotel to triple their rates and fleece them yet again.

Twitter is not being kind to them

The mockery is quite frankly something they have worked really hard for, so why disappoint them.

… and of course a new date for yet another failure has been set …

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