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#BREXIT(Rant Mode on)

I never believed it and simply did not grasp that it would actually happen.

Why not?

Well because I simply did not think that we had a sufficiently large enough number of utterly stupid people who were so bereft of any and all common sense that they were unable to see that the LEAVE campaign had been lying to them on an almost industrial scale. Alas, up they all popped to prove me quite wrong about that.

As predicted, we now have the inevitable largest falls in living memory …

  • Currency devaluation … if that is sustained then say Hello Inflation
  • Stock Market collapse … if that is sustained then wave goodby to your pension fund valuation
  • AAA Credit Rating for the UK .. hello to far higher payments for UK borrowing

There are of course some benefits. At least I can now look forward to the new NHS hospital that will be funded by an injection of £350 million per week into the NHS starting next week …

…oh wait, they lied, and now admit they lied about that …

So what else have we just kissed on the cheek and then waved goodby to as it all sails away?

Education and Science will be greatly impacted.

  • Rather a lot of Science funding that came from the EU
  • All those EU students attending our universities and helping to pay for it all via fees

Our economy will big highly impacted in a negative way

  • Inward investment will grind to a halt and the Investment banking industry will be wiped out, that will result in many many jobs being lost
  • House prices are all about supply and demand. With the inevitable decline in demand, property prices will proceed to decline.

I note that Sunderland was a big LEAVE voter. What the frack were you thinking, do you quite honestly think that Nissan is going to hang around now?

Hey folks in Cornwall, I can see that you are asking if you can keep your EU funding that you were promised for next year … well guess what, you just voted that all away, what you did has consequences.

Hey farmers who get huge subsidies from the EU, you just voted for those to all stop. I’d also not anticipate any alternatives from the cash strapped UK government either. With no access to the EU open market I’m also curious to understand who exactly you will be exporting to now.

Questions with no answers

What exactly happens?

LEAVE have no plans and no answers, they were completely clueless, boldly heaped lie upon lie, and now we all face the consequences.

There are millions of UK citizens living in the EU, working in the EU, owning property in the EU. So what happens to them, their rights to live and work there, their access to EU health services and facilities?

There are millions of EU citizens living, working and contributing to the UK, will they now all be asked to leave?

Will free movement remain or will that stop?

The entire legal system in the UK is so deeply entangled with european law that it will require it to all be completely overhauled radically and deeply, to a degree that is quite frankly way beyond the ability of the UK parliament to actually achieve, so how will that happen?

Trade and investment will be greatly impacted. One argument is that they need us as much as we need them, … but … unless the EU demonstrate harsh consequences for exiting the EU, then they risk the entire EU itself coming apart as other nations start to do the same.

We face a probable breakup of the UK itself. Scotland, which voted a very strong REMAIN, will now vote to break away from the UK. Northern Ireland is extremely tricky. The current peace that prevails is in many ways rooted in the open border between itself and the Irish Republic. This entire scenario now risks destabilising all of that.

Meanwhile in the US …

Trump thinks this was all a great idea (as if we needed any further confirmation that it was not)

Many others tweeted similar comments back to him.

Meanwhile we also have Fox News telling everybody in the US that the UK has voted to leave the UN.

A few final thoughts …

72% of the voting public voted on this, the other 28% did not.

The vote itself was close, very close, with LEAVE getting 51.9% of that 72% and REMAIN getting 48.1%

I would dearly love to know what the other 28% now think about it all, but that aside, let me spell this out … a “minority” …, not a majority, of voters have cast us all into the pit of chaos.

We are also starting to get an insight into what some of the LEAVE folks had going on inside their heads. We have folks who simply voted LEAVE as a protest and assumed it would not actually happen, through to the observation that the top search on Google in the UK has been “What Is the EU?“. For F**ks sake folks, could you not have looked into that before you voted?

You would think that no nation would every seriously contemplate the idea of economic suicide, but millions have now stepped forward to give it a go for utterly irrational reasons, and are now carrying all of us with them.

Yes, this is all very much a rant, and yes I am being emotional about it all. It is not just the utter stupidity of what has just happened that angers me, but also the knowledge that those who voted “Stuff You” to the EU because they were led to do so by the gross dishonestly of a few political hucksters will now be the very same individuals who will be truly and utterly be stuffed, and truly don’t grasp that they have done this to themselves.

One interesting observation, a small glimmer of hope, is that article 50 has not been invoked, and Cameron has stated that he will not do it. Once done an exit is inevitable, but the fact that it has not happened opens up the possibility of other options.

We get a new Conservative leader by Oct, and most probably Labour get a new leader as well. That will in turn most probably result in a UK General Election before Christmas on a (fingers crossed) pro-EU platform from both Labour and also Con, and unless UKIP win that, we are back in the EU. It could play out like that, but going down that road would require a sufficient number of smart people pulling leavers to ensure it happens. Given what has just happened and what comes next, I’m not yet convinced it will.

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