Ding Dong the witch is dead

imagesWell known psychic fraudster Sylvia Brown has passed away, and to be completely honest, that event makes the world a truly better place.

As a human being, she was quite frankly truly repugnant, and spent most of her life conning grieving desperate people that she could communicate with their departed loved ones … for a fee. In essence, she built a large fortune by lying and cheating countless numbers by offering them false hope for many decades, so the fact that her demise stops this nonsense is indeed something good.

Was she even a little bit psychic?

No, not at all, there is no such thing. She made many public predictions which were proven false. For example …

  • In 2002: Browne told the parents of 11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck, who had disappeared earlier that year, that Shawn was dead and had been kidnapped by a dark-skinned man with dreadlocks. Hornbeck was found alive in 2007; his kidnapper was Caucasian and short-haired
  • In November 2004, to the mother of kidnapping victim Amanda Berry, who had disappeared 19 months earlier: “She’s not alive, honey.” Browne had claimed to have had a vision of Berry’s jacket in the garbage with “DNA on it.” Berry’s mother died two years later believing this to be the case. Berry was found alive in May 2013.
  • On Larry King Live in 2003, Browne predicted she would die at age 88. She died in 2013, aged 77.


You Tube

James Randi discusses Sylvia Brown’s failure to predict Amanda Berry … from about six months ago.

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  1. thats were she belongs. she is a terrible person anyone who is going to charge 700 dollars to just get some advice is a greedy bitch in my eyes. but she will get hers.


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