Killed by a New Age Guru

James Arthur Ray, the new age kook, was given a platform by Oprah to promote his daft ideas and as a result people died

Here is an expose of what happened and how he ended up killing three people in a heat endurance test outside Sedona., Ariz

The investigators looked into his claims and discovered that all the training and knowledge he claimed to have had was complete and utter bullshit, he had simply made it all up, so they sent him to jail for two years.

Be aware – He is out now and is planning to get back into the same game once again.

Ginny & George Brown, parents of one of those that died – Kirby Brown, have launched the SEEK Safely Promise. It is a very simply code that should be easy for any credible self-help promoter to sign up for, and yet when James Arthur Ray was asked to sign it … he refused.

It may indeed be tempting to dump all the responsibility here on Mr Ray, but we also need to remember that the purveyor of woo central, Oprah, has greatly enriched herself by promoting complete and utter bullshit as fact, and by doing so has caused a considerable degree of real harm in many lives, and so for this specific instance she also played a part.

One additional note: Oprah has been sent a copy of the SEEK Safety Promise, a rather simply pledge to be honest and truthful, and has also refused to sign.


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