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With a hat tip to the Richard Dawkins net for this one …. if you are in any way involved in teaching science, then these folks can help you.

At the recent NSTA conference, Steve Newton talked about the central role evolution must play in science education, why biology teachers are hesitant to teach evolution, and how teachers can more fully integrate evolution into their curriculum. When: 3/10/2011. Where: NSTA conference, San Francisco

An article and discussion from January on rd.net – High School Biology Teachers in U.S. Reluctant to Endorse Evolution in Class, Study Finds

Excerpt from the book Evolution, Creationism, and the Battle to Control America’s Classrooms via NCSE

Article by Steven Newton, NCSE Evolution, Creationism, and the ‘Cautious 60 Percent’

Frequently Asked Questions about NCSE

What does NCSE do?

The National Center for Science Education, founded in 1981, engages in a number of activities advancing two primary goals: improving and supporting education in evolution and the nature of science, and increasing public understanding of these subjects. This work is supported primarily by membership contributions, with some additional assistance from grants.

NCSE provides information and guidance to citizens faced with local creationist challenges:

  • Expert testimony for school board hearings
  • Advice on how to organize, including referrals to others who have faced similar problems
  • Information (including article reprints) on evolution, “creation science”, and the evolution/creation controversy
  • Educating the Public through the Media

  • NCSE provides background material and commentary to journalists who are covering the creationism controversy
  • Executive Director Eugenie Scott, Ph.D., writes articles about science education, and the problems posed by creationism, for numerous general, scientific, and educational publications
  • NCSE’s speakers, especially Dr. Scott, participate as guests on national and local radio and television programs
  • … Read more at NCSE.com

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