Richard Feynman talking about the scientific method

Now here is a cool little 10 min clip that I’ve come across. Its Richard Feynman talking about the scientific method.

Here is a very brief summary …

  • How do we find a new law?
    • we guess it
    • then we compute the consequences of the guess
    • then we compare that directly with observation to see if it works
  • If it disagrees with experiment, its wrong, no matter who said it.
  • It is scientific to say what is more lightly and less lightly. We start with the most lightly possibility and if its wrong, then we discuss the other possibilities.
  • You can’t prove a theory right, instead you can only prove that its not wrong or wrong.
  • You can’t prove a vague theory wrong

Its all interesting stuff …

We are indeed a very curious species, never content with what we have, what we know or where we are, but instead are constantly driven to explore, always pushing the boundaries to see what is over the next hill. Science is perhaps the most astounding thing that has ever happened to humanity and is an immensely powerful tool that has enabled us to greatly accelerate our ability to acquire knowledge and gain a true understanding of who we are, where we are, and where we came from.

The most remarkable discovery made by scientists is science itself” – Gerard Piel

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