The Aurora Borealis … last night in the UK

The desire to see the Aurora Borealis is understandable because it is quite a stunning sight to see the sky lit up and so some make special trips to places such as Alaska, Iceland or Norway at the right time, then hope for the right weather and conditions … and even then may be disappointed.

Well … guess what.

Last night, for those of us that live in the UK, there was no need to travel anywhere, instead all you needed to do was look up. (And I bet quite a few folks did not catch the buzz on twitter and missed it all)

So anyway, if you did miss it, then here are some of the quite stunning picture that are currently circulating  …



This next one was taken by at Inverkirkaig, near Lochinver in Sutherlandshire, Scotland …

This was taken at St Mary’s lighthouse, Whitley Bay …




Now what I really want to know is if there is some poor bloke who spent ££££ and is in Iceland right now seeing nothing, and would have perhaps been better off staying home and simply looking up.


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