Wingnut Weekly – 16 Aug 2020

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above this past week to point out …
Joe Biden’s campaign was in need of a real shot in the arm. His VP pick, Senator Kamala Harris, is exactly what the doctor ordered..

One recent example of wingnut hypocrisy is the crusade that emerged this past week against ‘Wet-Ass Pussy’ or WAP. Clips of right-wing troll Ben Shapiro reading the lyrics to “WAP” aloud and lambasting the song’s creators began to circulate …

According to conservatives, “WAP” threatens the very future of women everywhere

As a rather stark contrast that illustrates the gross hypocrisy in play, these same people who always stand ready to be offended by anything and everything are also not at all bothered that their beloved Trump Messiah confessed on tape that he grabs those wet pussies … literally.

What new absurdities have been promoted this past week?

Let’s take a look.

Wingnut proclamations from the last 7 days

Here are some of the highlights this week…

The Cult Of Trump

Kamala Harris

And so it begins …

  • Religious-Right QAnon Candidate Angela Stanton-King Unleashes Bigoted Attack on Kamala Harris
  • Cathie Adams says that Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate because he “chose to be racist”: “If you want a racist and you want a feminist and you want someone who is radically pro-abortion, someone who’s radically pro-homosexual, someone who doesn’t seem to care if your child is confused about his or her gender? These are radical things. I think that this ticket—Biden and Harris—is a very, very bad scenario for every American.”
  • Birtherism 2.0:  Right-Wing Lawyer John Eastman Questions Kamala Harris Eligibility for Vice Presidency … “Eastman argued that even though Harris was born in Oakland, California, and her parents entered in the U.S. legally, she might not qualify as a natural-born U.S. citizen
  • Dave Daubenmire declares that Kamala Harris … “is not moderate. She is not a Natural born citizen (Where have we heard that one before?) She is an anchor baby at best. She slept her way to the top. She is an anti-life zealot. She hates guns and gun owners. She is a bigot. She hates Trump supporters. She is a zealot in her beliefs. Not moderate. Her entire candidacy is based on lies.


  • DeAnna Lorraine exposes the connection between mask requirements and the Mark of the Beast.
  • Scott Lively warns that … “an order to obey man instead of God on ‘social distancing’ is not the Mark of the Beast. But it’s a rehearsal for it. It is conditioning the sheep to follow a false shepherd into a cattle chute.
  • Jo Rae Perkins says that mask mandates and social distancing guidelines are part of a plot to turn us into zombies, and she knows this “based on what I have read on some of the Marxist theories.”
  • Finally, Francine Fosdick warns that infrared thermometers are a tool for mind control and possibly the Mark of the Beast.


Truly Bizarre

Stuff that is so utterly bizarre it morphs into comedy …

  • Scott Lively is starting a church and refusing to “recognize the authority of secular government to dictate any aspect of our doctrine or practice” because “as an Ambassador of the Church of Jesus Christ I do not recognize the authority of the Supreme Court — an arm of the state — to legislate from the bench on church/state matters.
    • I look forwards to seeing what happens when he refuses to pay any tax
  • E.W. Jackson says that George Soros needs Jesus: “It doesn’t matter what your religion is or what your background is or what your race is or what your nationality is, your ethnicity doesn’t matter, everybody needs Jesus.
    • Nobody needs a messiah claimant from over 2,000 years ago.
  • Josh Bernstein declares that President Donald Trump should take away the electoral votes of states that use mail-in voting: “Their electoral votes should not count in the election.
    • Clearly this guy only wants you to vote if you vote for the people he supports
  • Lance Wallnau reports that a friend of his spent over a million dollars on software to help pastors register their congregations to vote. But then half of those congregants voted for Democrats, so they shut down the program.
    • Exactly how did they find out how people voted?

What else came out of the Wingnut fantasy land last week?

Lots of other stuff. 

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is good, some sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

Fake claims…

Racists-r-us …

  • Racist AL GOP Lawmaker Won’t Resign After Arrest Because He’s a Man of God

The usual flow of weird claims …

  • Pastor: Satan is Undermining Manhood, Leaving Men “Domesticated or Neutered”
  • Trump Adviser: The Lord “Created Executive Orders Because of Partisan Bickering”
  • Survey: Pastors Say Adultery is a Forgivable Sin When Pastors Do It
  • Franklin Graham, Unfazed By Trump’s COVID Deaths, Trashes Pro-Choice Democrats

News that is not really a surprise …

  • Liberty U., Founded by Anti-Gay Jerry, Replaces Anti-Gay Jerry with Anti-Gay Jerry
    • Liberty University can’t change its toxic culture if it refuses to change its leadership.
  • FL Sheriff Who Threatened to Hunt Down Godless BLM Looters Faces Felony Charges
    • Sheriff Darryl Daniels invoked God to threaten people. Now his own sex scandal is coming to light.

Sometimes surprising things do happen …

  • For a Few Minutes (and Only a Few Minutes), Pat Robertson Spoke the Truth
    • The televangelist said churches should close due to COVID. Moments later, he stopped making sense.

Bonus Item – Guest Host on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sarah Cooper guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live this past week …

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