Who were the Top Lunatics last Week? – 11 Oct 2020

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above cartoon this past week to highlight a truth
Donald Trump is like the Johnny Appleseed of deadly viruses. https://robrogers.com/2020/10/07/the-sower/… #Trump #Coronavirus #SuperSpreader

Up until now I’ve been calling this weekly posting “Wingnut Weekly”. Going forward I will try different titles.

Why the “Lunatics” title this week?

There are two specific belief systems that instil a considerable degree of passion within the human heart, namely religion and politics. What is fascinating about now is that one political machine has deeply embraced the swivel-eyed religious extremists and adopted many of their beliefs as “truth”. This blending of right-wing autocratic politics with religious zeal has inspired the emergence of some complete and utter cultish lunacy into the mainstream.

It may be temping be blame Trump, but in many respects his emergence is the inevitable outcome of this blending and is not the origin of it all.

There is no escaping the truly bizarre claims being promoted by some well-known individuals. Rather than getting angry we should instead laugh at the utter absurdity and deploy the mockery that so may have striven so hard to earn.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the last week.

Proclamations from the last 7 days

The Cult Of Trump

  • Trump claims: Catching COVID Was a “Blessing From God.”
    • 210,000 Dead Americans Disagree.
  • Trump’s COVID Drugs Relied on Cells That Originally Came from an Aborted Fetus
    • Suddenly, the anti-abortion crowd is very silent…
  • Lance Wallnau Claims ‘Fighting Trump ​Is Fighting God,’ Says While Trump ​Is Sick God’s Angel Will ‘Wreck’ His Enemies 
    • Lance really does appear to sincerely believe that Trump is some kind of messiah.
  • Sandy Rios sees the hand of God at work in President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis: “What man meant for evil, God meant for good. We have seen God turn around so many things dramatically in this current crisis in our nation [and] just intervene in amazing ways. So, I’m praying that God will turn this around in ways we can’t even imagine.”
    • It is now obvious that God did indeed give Trump Covid for a reason. It was to show the voters what an irresponsible incompetent plonker he really is.
  • Mario Murillo insists that Trump “is a very tender man” while Joe Biden is “a nasty man.”
    • Mario appears to have them mixed up.
  • Brenden Dilley mocks the left for not understanding the “simple science” that Trump—”the golden-haired Adonis that he is”—has “God-tier genetics.”
    • Brenden seen to this that receiving the best available medical care played no part and has opted for “magic”. What does “God-tier genetics.” even mean?

Claims that God is taking over


  • Pro-Trump ‘Prayer Warriors’ Declare Media ‘Demonic’  
    • The backstory here is that they are simply pissed about Facebook rejecting their “Voter Prayer Guide” ad because it linked to stuff that the FB fact-checkers identified as false.
  • Perry Stone warns that “every type of demonic spirit of hate and confusion has been unleashed upon the nation” heading into the election: “If we could see into the spirit realm, we would be both surprised and I believe frightened to observe the large number of evil spirits that have been unleashed upon America, and the church, in this season.”
    • Somebody needs to give Perry’s doctor a nod to up his meds, the current dose is clearly not enough.


  • David Barton Claims the Third Amendment Was ‘Definitely Violated’ During the COVID-19 Pandemic“The Third Amendment [was] definitely violated,” Barton said
    • If you are wondering why this is utter lunacy then permit me to explain. The Third Amendment reads “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.“. I have honestly no idea how he thinks COVID-19 resulted in this. The Pseudo-Historian David Barton appears to be telling the world that he has no idea what the third amendment actually says.

Conspiracy claims

The usual stuff bubbles away …

  • Dave Daubenmire has no qualms about proclaiming that “Pizzagate is real.”
  • Rick Wiles suggests that a “COVID kamikaze warrior” in the press went to the White House SCOTUS event and intentionally infected Trump and several others.

The Election

  • Perry Stone warns that voter fraud is rampant in “liberal cities” because “the extremists in this nation, who desire to destroy the America we know and love, will stoop to the lowest levels possible to ensure that they will win this November.”
    • This is becoming a popular talking point because they know that they are not going to win and so this is the card they will play when that happens. There is no evidence that this claim is true.


If you thought that last one was weird, then hold that thought.

Truly Bizarre

Finally Some Good News

Within last week’s posting I highlighted Josh Bernstein for demanding that Rep. Ilhan Omar should be executed. I’m delighted to now report that actions truly do have consequences. Because of that posting he has now been booted From Patreon and Roku.

What other bits of lunacy emerged last week?

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is good, some sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

COVID-19 lunatics …

  • Trump Credits “Miracles Coming Down from God” for His Alleged COVID Recovery
    • He denied science before the virus, so is this stance really a surprise?
  • Pastor Who Said “Atheism Has Never Healed a Disease” Tests Positive for COVID
    • This is what happens when you hold indoor, mask-optional services.
  • Megachurch Pastor Greg Laurie Tests Positive for COVID; Now Who Did He Infect?
    • The Trump-supporting pastor attended several crowded events recently without wearing a mask.
  • Christian Evangelist Harasses Man at Petting Zoo for Wearing Face Mask Outdoors
    • Joshua Feuerstein is not a nice guy
  • Pastor Exposed to COVID Rejects Mask, Tells Church He’s “Ridiculously Healthy”
    • TX Pastor Jack Graham won’t even say if he’s taken a COVID test since the Rose Garden ceremony.

Corruption …

  • Texas AG Ken Paxton’s Top Aides Have Accused Him of Bribery (and More)
    • Surprise! A Christian Nationalist who opposes church/state separation is also very, very corrupt.


  • Eric Trump: My Daddy “Literally Saved Christianity” from Godless Democrats
    • The “Godless” democrats are in fact mostly Christians, the difference is that they are not complete lunatics.
  • Priest Arrested After Getting Caught Filming Sex With Two Women on Church Altar
    • That’s not what Holy Trinity means…

And yes, good stuff really does happen …

  • Gay Pride Content Dominates Hate-Group Hashtag #ProudBoys on Twitter
    • They’re fighting hate with love (and rainbows).

Bonus Item – Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper had a testing reminder from last May …

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