Weirdest Claim ever: “Militant Atheist Terrorists blow up building containing Creationism books”

A chap called Kamrul Hassan, a Religious fanatic,  arrives in a Facebook group and posts a Video clip as follows:

The text claims:

The local authorities have caught a group of Darwinist Atheist terrorist who were responisble for blowing up this building in USA. As per police reports the building was being used as a warehouse for storing books which were critical of Darwins theory of evolution and supported the orthodox biblical/Quranic view of creation. The books were to be distributed for free on various schools and college campuses.


It has been learned through highly reliable sources that Leader of the militant atheist movement RICHARD DAWKINS have praised the attack and encouraged atheist to carry out more such attacks through out UK and USA. He was reported as saying that such actions are neccessary to “ensure that seeds of doubts are not created in students regarding evolution otherwise they would abandon it”.

The only possible response to such obvious bullshit is … WTF!!

It did not take me too long to work out that it was simply a rip off of the following original clip …

It is actually in reality a plastic recycling warehouse fire near Chicago, not some act of terrorism.

What is of course truly weird is the thought that this just might be a credible claim and that nobody would realise it was a complete con. The claim itself is simply so bizarre it is clearly manufactured.

I must admit, I did enjoy some of the comments ….

This must be one of the most bizarre and grotesque attempts to create a hoax that I have ever seen. And the fact that you’ve apparently fallen for it shows that you are even stupider and more gullible than I thought, Kamrul.

If we can’t trust a suspiciously unsourced video by some anonymous hoaxer on youtube, what is there left to trust?!

Do you feel at least a little embarrassed now, Kamrul? I hope you do, for making such an idiot out of yourself.

When you have no arguments, lies are a good fallback position

I don’t understand why lying and deceiving someone is acceptable thing to do? Do they think people would even want to embrace Isam after finding out what fraud these believing Muslims are?! Have they heard the expression, lead by example? Are the really this stupid? Do they really think dishonesty attracts adherents?

Meanwhile back in YouTube … the daft claim was also debunked here …

monsta123x from Pakistan (well where else) the original YouTube fraudster even showed up in the comments for the above and tried to defend himself. He got chewed up, so quickly deleted his comment and ran off. I note on his YouTube channel he persists, and has a clip that claims “Prominent atheist leader Richard Dawkins has issued an edict asking for ray comfort to be killed for the act of blasphemy“. I have a complaint for him, if he is going to make fraudulent claims, at lest try to make them credible.

As for Kamrul, well he persists in posting truly daft claims without any shame at all, this is his latest example. Unlike the above, he tried to defend this one in the comments. Are folks annoyed? Not really, more bemused I think best describes it … it might not be informative, but it is to some degree entertaining because it is all so crazy.

3 thoughts on “Weirdest Claim ever: “Militant Atheist Terrorists blow up building containing Creationism books””

  1. What is ironic is that we pick out stuff like that as fake but believe in stuff that fits our opinion like for example Syrian civil war footage unquestionably….

  2. What is factual here is that some Islamic nut has ripped off a YouTube clip of a plastics factory fire and used it to fake the most bizarre claim I have ever come across … and he seriously thinks people are stupid enough to actually believe it.

    I do wish it was parody, but sadly looking at the other stuff he churns out on YouTube, he is being quite serious.


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