Weird Religious News – The Torrent of Intolerance

“There has been a real increase in hate crimes since Trump took office. It has been well documented. Jussie Smollett’s hoax is an insult to all those real victims.” – Rob Rogers … #JussieSmollett # racism # HateCrime

Traditionally, religious belief is perceived to be a place of comfort and also source of all that is good. Mix a literal fundamentalist variation of belief with right-wing politics and you get a very weird cocktail that will render those that consume it utterly incoherent, obnoxious, intolerant.

To criticise and mock this torrent of delusion, you don’t need to do anything more than to simply quote their own words and actions. That alone is wholly sufficient. Here is this week’s sample.

What happened during the last 7 days

The Trump Cult Disciples are still gushing …

  • “Prophet” Karen Hardin claims that President Trump’s “spiritual growth” was obvious at the National Prayer Breakfast: “he shared several scriptures and they flowed out of him not as from a speech, but from the heart. He was familiar with them. He knew them.”… (Somebody should tell her that he was reading from a teleprompter)
  • Jim Bakker Says Trump Has Been Spiritually ‘Saved So Many Times’ Since Becoming President…“He wants to please God,”…(Would that be the God of the Old Testament, the one who slaughtered all the neighbouring nations?)

Hypocrisy on Steroids …

Franklin Graham, who spent eight years endlessly criticizing President Obama, now wishes everyone would stop criticizing President Trump: …“I just wish the Democrats and the Republicans would work with him and stop trying to tear him down. Nothing is gained by putting forth the lie that he is unfit. I encourage people of faith to pray for the President and his family, Vice President Mike Pence and his family, and all those who serve in the Cabinet and the White House. They need our prayers.”

(He really does not grasp the true depth of his Hypocrisy and racism)

… and of course Xenophobia …

  • BarbWire’s David Jolly says that Rep. Ilhan Omar should be … “officially designated as an enemy of the United States and therefore, removed from Congress.”
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt is alarmed about the presence of Muslims in Congress: … “This is why America is vulnerable to Muslim terrorists, because we elect leftist radicals to Congress, who hate your childrens’ (sic) safety and American security.”
  • Laurie Cardoza-Moore’s Proclaiming Justice to the Nation has launched a … “national petition to demand the immediate resignation of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.”

(Her one “crime” is that she has a different belief. That is the entire basis for their stance).

Some are not happy with Trump…

(These are the folks who often claim to be oppressed and persecuted for their beliefs. It turns out that this really means that they are criticised for being intolerant bigots)

The blending of Church and State

A How-To Guide for Conservative Christian Public Servants from Trump Cabinet Bible Study Teacher…“Maturing Public Servants in Christ is the most effective way for the Church to change the direction of a nation,

(This guy appears to think that The Handmaid’s Tale is a policy handbook)

Pat Robertson, that “peace loving” presidential candidate and preacher, had some guidance …

Pat Robertson is calling for the U.S. military to invade Venezuela.

(Invade and conquer … just like Jesus taught)

Electoral Fraud

Religious Right Congressional Candidate Mired in Ballot Fraud Inquiry Contradicted by Son’s Testimony, Abandons Quest to be Seated in U.S. House…“It is a God mission that we are on.

(One common claim is that democrats “stole” the election via electoral fraud and they then proceed to cite no actual evidence at all … ever. For the very first time in US history we have a rerun due to actual verified electoral fraud by … (insert drum roll here) … a Republican Religious-Right candidate)

Weirdest Items of the Week

As usual, there is plenty to pick from …

  • Australian Cult Leader Who Saw Vision on Toilet Says He’s da Vinci Reincarnated
  • Ken Ham: Schools Violate the Law By Not Taking Field Trips to Ark Encounter…(says no law anywhere … ever)
  • “Blasphemous” Jesus Christ Comic Was Killed, But Creators Seek Resurrection…
  • Pat Robertson: The “Homosexual Agenda” Wants You to Think Jesus Was Gay
  • TN Lawmaker Wants State Constitution to Say Liberties Come “From Almighty God”

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