Weekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News – 30June19

weird right-wing politics
Cartoonist Rob Rogers who was fired for being critical of Trump, drew the this last week to point out that …. “It was no surprise that when Trump was asked about the father and daughter who drowned at the border while seeking asylum in the U.S. he blamed it on the Democrats

What is utterly fascinating and also truly weird regarding the right-wing in the US is that they deeply believe that there is a God that supports them, and the Trump has been especially choose by this God to be his chosen one. They appear to view this supposed supernatural vote as confirmation that they hold the high moral ground. What naturally flows from this is a belief that political opponents, or in fact anybody who dares to question this narrative, is promoting dark nefarious satanic forces.

The consequence of this modality is that they have placed themselves beyond reason and debate. Criticism, of policy, even when evidence based, is deemed to be a personal attack. Fact is dismissed as myth, and myth is embraced as fact.

I use this weekly posting to throw a spotlight upon the prevailing insanity so that we can mock and laugh at it. No satire or exaggeration is required, their own words are wholly sufficient.

What Weird things popped up during the last 7 days?

The Cult Of Trump continues to spout delusional bullshit …

Just to point out how far these folks are from “normal”, this also happened this last week …

The 100% always wrong “prophet” tries to gain some leverage …

Homophobia on steroids via angry religious bigots …

  • Peter LaBarbera: Obergefell Was One of Supreme Court’s Most ‘Wicked’ Rulings
    • (the Obergefell v. Hodges, effectively legalized same-sex marriages in the United States, this is what he deems to be “wicked”).
  • Don Boys continues his anti-gay crusade against Pete Buttigieg: … “He needs to inform us how his abnormal lifestyle may affect our nation if he is elected … Since homosexuals live shorter lives because of illegal drugs, abusive sexual practices, etc., will Pete assure the voters that he will not participate in any sexual practice that might limit his ability to serve his term if elected?
  • David Lane warns that …. “the goal of militant LGBT drumbeaters is unquestionably political, with their behavior representing acts of rebellion against a sovereign God, leading to anarchy. Electing and passing into law homosexual ‘values’ is their primary objective, in order to impose them on public and private education, the government and America’s churches.
  • Scott Lively declares that …. “America has been pushed inexorably by the leftist elites through the five stages of homofascism until today celebration of all things LGBT is the norm, forced participation in ‘gay’ culture is increasing rapidly, and punishment of dissenters is a virtual mandate of social justice in the minds of the millennials. God help us!

Hating Hillary Clinton is still a popular hobby amongst this delusional demographic …

Ridiculous conspiracies claims are also still popular …

  • Paul McGuire: Mind Control Won The Gulf War … “The American military, using mind-control technology, attached an invisible rider on the AM frequency … that all these extremist Muslims would be listening to” …
    • (I have visions of this guy literally wearing a tin foil hat to protect himself from mind control)
  • Josh Bernstein insists that he is not a conspiracy theorist, even as he raises the possibility that the CIA shot down an American military drone in order to start a war with Iran.
    • (As is traditional with all such conspiracy theories, his evidence for this is exactly zero).

Outrage is expressed regarding utterly daft stuff …

  • Rodney Howard-Browne is outraged that some candidates spoke Spanish during the Democratic presidential debate.
  • Kevin Swanson warns Christian parents against allowing their children to watch the new “Toy Story 4” movie.

Did anything else that was weird happen?

You really don’t need to ask. We all know that I’m only scratching the surface. Here is lot’s more …

  • Jim Bakker: If Donald Trump Doesn’t Win in 2020, Christians Will “Suddenly Die”
  • Conservative Trashes Secular and Satanic “Cockroaches” Ruining Christian America
  • Ugandan Moms Are Suing a Christian Missionary for Allegedly Killing Their Sons
  • Christian Preacher: Taylor Swift’s New Song Is So Evil, “God Will Cut Her Down”
  • Indianapolis Catholic School Will Fire Gay Teacher to Avoid Upsetting the Church
  • “God’s Not Dead” Star Kevin Sorbo Accused of Sexual Harassment by Actress
  • Far-Right Christians Engage in Videotaped Violence After Toronto Pride Rally
  • Pat Robertson: You Must Protest Drag Queen Story Hours By Voting Out Librarians
  • Former Creation Museum Staffer Exposes “Toxic Culture” of Ken Ham’s Empire
  • Buy a Truck from This Dealer and He’ll Toss in a Flag. And a Bible. And a Gun. …. (but then this quiet rightly happened) … Ford Shuts Down AL Car Dealership’s Promotion Promising Gun With Each New Car
  • Father Charged With Daughter’s Death Hid Her Body Hoping She Would Resurrect
  • AL Woman Who Got Shot and Lost Her Unborn Fetus May Go to Jail for Manslaughter

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