The True evil of Islam Illustrated

If I asked you, or any decent normal human, the question, “Is it OK to murder somebody who does not hold the same beliefs?”, I remain confident that the universal answer would be obvious. In fact, I’d be astonished if anybody would actually suggest it was a great idea …. well … prepare to be astonished, because Islam belief does indeed appear to consider it to be a viable response to valid criticism of utterly insane and delusional beliefs.

Here now is a video clip taken from an interview given by Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni on the Egyptian satellite television station al-Hikma on 7 July 2011. Now least you wonder, this is no fringe kook, he is a popular Islamic preacher known for spouting nonsense like this.

Here is a transcript of what he says …

Whoever insults the Prophet (PBUH), if he later comes and apologizes, and kisses the shoes (of the ruler), and says, “I want all Muslims, every one, to return and strike me with the soles of their feet”—does the ruler have the right to accept this?

I bring up this question, as it was asked of me. The answer is that it is not permissible for anyone to accept this. Then what do we do with him? We kill him! But he told you that he repented. We still kill him, even if he repents!

So there you have it them, if you express valid criticism of Muhammad, they feel obliged by their belief system to murder you, even if you have changed your mind later and apologized. As for the crime itself, all you are really guilty of is not being as gullible as they are.

OK, hands up everybody who feels this is a super idea, and should be embraced by all?

“Ah”, you reply, “He is just a kook”. Well yes, you can often find kooks spouting nonsense like this, think Westboro Baptist for example. However, what we find here is that while there is universal condemnation of the Westboro kooks, the Islamic world is silent regarding any criticism of Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni and by its silence is endorsing this view.

The only logical conclusion is to label this belief system as truly evil and to robustly condemn it as utterly inhuman and barbaric.

That was all very dreary, so to cheer you up, here is a bit of fun. Its a Video of Thunderf00t interviewing the Westboro kooks and then getting tossed out by them. (I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with him at TAM last week, that was a blast).

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