Irish “Home Rule” is no longer “Rome Rule”

Honestly, I’m quite happy for folks to believe whatever they wish, and as long as they behave in a decent manner, I’ll not show too much interest … which perhaps explains why I, and many others, are constantly banging away at both Islam, extreme evangelical kooks,  and also Catholicism. For not only are their beliefs truly bizarre and utterly insane, but the manner in which they treat others is quite frankly appalling.

Today, on-side, joining us in valid criticism of the Catholic cult of insanity is the president of the Irish Republic, Enda Kenny. What is most surprising and completely “unprecedented” about his verbal attack upon the Vatican is that it comes from a Fine Gael taoiseach, whose political base lies in the conservative west of Ireland, who has led from the front. It should of course not be a surprise, for quite some time now case after case of abuse and cover-up has come to the surface. In the latest report, we find that the Vatican are still obstructing the civil power, ie the Garda Síochána, in their inquiries into allegations against priests in the County Cork diocese. Here is the Video of his speech …

You can read an interesting article in the Guardian about all this here.

Well, the Vatican has now responded, the news is that they have recalled Papal Nuncio Giuseppe Leanza … Why? Perhaps in disgrace because of his abhorrent behavior and the manner in which he obstructed the commission? … Nope, apparently to simply “discuss it all”.

What is really going on here is that they now recognize the way the wind is blowing. There is a growing desire within the Irish State among the political classes to rewrite their constitution, and erase all privileges that the catholic cult currently enjoys.

To the movers and shakers within Irish Culture, don’t pause, just do it and establish a truly modern secular state, its time to joint the 21st century. Catholicism has proven itself to not only be utterly corrupt and immoral but also totally untrustworthy, the time to put aside this blight that has infested and corrupted Irish culture has come. I don’t write this as an outsider, I was born and educated in Ireland.

The national Secular Society also has a great article on it all here. They note the reaction in the Irish Press here …

The press, too, is reflecting some of the fury felt by a population that feels completely betrayed by an institution to which it has been devoted for centuries, with headlines such as:

“Canon lawyer in call to jail clerics who hide abuse” (Irish Times)

The crozier is no longer more powerful than the Dail” (Irish Independent)

We must destroy the nest of devils at the Vatican” (Irish Independent)

“Time to stop bending the knee to the Vatican” (Irish Herald)

“All roads, in the child abuse scandal, lead to Rome” (Irish Times)

The Vatican’s response to all this consisted of the usual arrogance and excuse-making.

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