The Cult of Fools – “Trump hit with Fraud lawsuit” – Sep 25, 2022

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This past week we learned that the well-established liar has also been lying about his net worth in order to conduct financial fraud for over a decade.

Here’s a quick summary of the 222-page lawsuit:

  • Donald Trump and three of his children lied about the value of his properties – hotels, golf courses and other assets – in order to secure better loans and lower tax rates
  • Over the course of a decade, Trump and his family made more than 200 false or misleading valuations on financial statements
  • The potential value of development on some estates was overstated, and used to gain higher tax benefits for forfeiting development in favour of conservation
  • Each statement was personally certified as accurate by Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, or former Trump Organization financial executive Allen Weisselberg
  • The scheme enriched the Trump family by at least $250m (£220m) – the state wants to recover that money
  • He claimed that the value of his real estate was far more than it actually was, by billions, so that he could get better loan deals and reduce his tax
  • Not just once, but numerous times in the 2011-2021 time period

Trump’s response has been to label the New York Attorney General Letitia James bringing the case a “racist”.

The nature of such cases means that it will most probably take many years to play out. It will also greatly impact the ability of the Trump organisation to conduct any business in NY. It will of course impact his ability to raise money for a run in 2024.

What is also happening is that they are making a referral to federal law enforcement authorities for a criminal investigation.

Meanwhile we also have …

  • The investigation into Schrodinger’s classified documents that he stole and kept in Mar-a-Lago. These document are both classified, and yet apparently not classified, because he thought about declassifying them.
  • The investigation into his attempt to pervert the outcome of the 2020 election in Georgia.

With all this corruption being investigated, and honestly we are just scratching the surface here because there is a great deal more bubbling away under the covers, it just positively screams … “ideal GOP candidate for 2024”.

Those still vigorously supporting this crook literally are in a cult of fools. History will not be kind to them but will instead laugh and mock them.

Moving on, below you will find my usual selection of some truly bizarre claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s dive in.


Christian Nationalism

Mark Burns praises televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel network for being one of the only places where people like him can openly “talk about Jesus Christ and taking over government.

  • Mark Burns Reminder: This is the guy who was interviewed by CNN in his own church and confronted with evidence that his claimed biographical details were all fake. He stormed out in a huff leaving the camera crew standing in his own church.
  • Part of how the con works is that grifters will back each other up.

Duane Chapman (aka Dog the Bounty Hunter) spoke at Hank Kunneman’s “Opening The Heaven” conference where he asserted that Republicans will wipe out the Democrats in the midterm elections and then President Joe Biden might commit suicide, just like Adolf Hitler did.

  • Well hey, who could’ve guessed that this six times married, multiple times adulterer, convicted murderer, opposer of bail reform (because it would hurt his own income), and professional racist kidnapper, would be a huge Christian and trump lover. I’m shocked I tell you, shocked.

A new poll from Politico finds that “fully 61 percent of Republicans supported declaring the United States a Christian nation.

  • Republicans give yet another reason to never ever vote for any Republican candidate.

Preaching at the “Opening The Heavens” conference, right-wing pastor Kent Christmas channeled God to declare that the church is meant to rule over government: “There should never have been separation between church and state, saith the Lord.

  • Thus saith the Lord, Kent Christmas is not channeling me
  • Actual Bible Quote – “Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.” Titus 3:1-2


Trump endorsed congressional candidate JR Majewski says that the reason why there is no record of him serving in combat in Afghanistan in his service record is because it is “classified.”

  • This initial snarky response mocking his lie is unfortunately not available for you to read because it has been “classified”
  • If his being in combat in Afghanistan is indeed “classified” then he should not be talking about it at all or even mentioning it.
  • We have all now officially used our thoughts to declassify it, so over to him for the proof now.

Fact Check: His DD 1610 form says he went from Kadena AFB to Pusan AFB in Korea. Being in Afghanistan is not something that is ever classified; Specific missions might indeed be classified.

Does he have the Afghanistan campaign medal and is it on his DD214? … Nope (see below).

Additionally an E2 with minimal training does not get sent on “classified” combat missions.


Pastor Mario Murillo declares that “Fauci is guilty of perhaps the greatest scandal in American History. Obama callously dictates policies that are killing freedom because he hates America. Biden is a lawless puppet who will do and say anything to appease his masters. Other evil doers have wrapped a noose around the neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear.

  • The one ever so tiny little thing missing here is … (insert drum roll) … evidence for any of this. But hey, when has that ever caused any of these guys to pause.
  • He should seriously ponder over the ninth commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour“, but being a MAGA pastor, those commandments are more akin to traffic lights in Boston; just a suggestion.

Homophobia on Steroids

The Charles Finney School in NY will now expel kids guilty ofpromoting, encouraging, or influencing other students about” LGBTQ identities. Some parents are shocked by the bigotry: “The Bible says that Jesus loves everyone regardless…”

  • For a religion that claims to be big on forgiveness they are not exactly coming across as a very accepting or loving lot.

Truly Bizarre

Christian pollster George Barna told attendees at the “Pray, Vote, Stand” summit that teaching children to hold a proper “biblical worldview” is “the single most important thing” any Christian adult can do with their life: “They don’t have to be your children. … Maybe they’ll be your neighbor’s children.

  • If this guy is your neighbour and you have kids … be afraid, be very very afraid.
  • It is not unknown. I did once personally know a church guy, who had no kids of his own, and used to invite all the neighbourhood kids into his house to teach them bible stuff. Looking back and thinking about it now, it was creepy as hell.
  • I do also have to wonder what his proper “biblical worldview” actually is. For many it might indeed be “love your neighbour as yourself”, but these days way too many consider it to be turning your back on immigrants, advocating for violence to get its way, demonising anyone not like them, and idolising corrupt politicians who lie and raise money off of that lie.

In the wake of the Trump family being sued for fraud by the state of New York, Glenn Beck said that former President Donald Trump “may be the cleanest guy on the planet.

  • You do have to wonder what Trump is holding over Beck so that it motivates him to lick his arse this vigorously.

MAGA pastor/GOP congressional candidate Leon Benjamin blows the shofar in order to bind the demons, witches, and warlocks who are trying to steal his election: “God’s about to send people like me … into the Congress!

  • The truly bizarre twist here is not him blowing what he believes is a magic trumpet, but that he appears to believe that demons, witches, and warlocks vote.
  • Then again, the fact that he has turned a traditional Jewish ritualistic musical horn into a Right-wing political weapon is well beyond the border that surrounds “Normal”.
  • Meanwhile up within the spiritual realm Jesus will be once again face-palming.

Every political campaign in the history of the world hands out signs for free. Trump wants $40 to give you the honor of displaying one of his.

  • I guess I can see why. Trump’s super PAC raised just $40 in August. (That’s not a typo: just 40 bucks.). Now that really is a very good sign.

Meanwhile, here are a few “alternative” signs for you to consider putting up…

Steve Hotze, a Texas-based religious-right activist and doctor, asserted that those who have received COVID-19 vaccines “become connected to the internet of things and you can be mind-controlled by artificial intelligence through maybe 5G.

  • Despite all my vaccines, my internet speed has not improved and my 5G reception is cr*p … who can I complain to about this?
  • Meanwhile, from Last April’s Texas Tribune: – “GOP megadonor Steven Hotze charged after a bogus election fraud scheme led a former cop to threaten a repairman
  • I can only wonder if his title of “doctor” is prefixed by the word “witch”.

The False Profit$

Tony Suarez took “authority over the spirits of Hell” while prophesying that revival will come to the state of Illinois: “Lori Lightfoot, pack your bags. God is removing you from office.

  • You can bookmark this tweet by creating an entry within your online calendar for one day after election day so that you can remind his of yet another failed prophecy.
  • Least you wonder, Tony’s shtick is to go from church to church with his tent promising “revival” and ends up preaching to a tent full of church people each and every time.
  • He does the usual stuff, fake miracles, vague “prophecies” and so gleans a steady stream of income from donations. What is perhaps new is that he has followed the crowd and also gone full right-wing as well. The lady he specks of, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot, is herself a member of a church. The problem Tony has with her is that his donors have a different political leaning so he leans strongly into that.
  • Check the clip and you will find that this is a guy who claims he took “authority over the spirits of Hell”, yet still feels the need to have multiple security guards standing between him and his audience.

Dutch Sheets claimed that he’s been called by God to take back this nation: “Our destiny is not over! He is going to save this nation. A third Great Awakening is coming to this nation, and it’s going to give us the transformation that we need.

  • Somebody really needs to explain to these people that “The Handmaid’s Tale” is not supposed to be read as a guidebook.
  • I’m also a “prophet”. God just told me that Mr Sheets is a grifter and does not speak for him. (My “prophetic” authority is exactly the same as his. The one different is that I’m right).
  • I do however agree that nation needs to be saved … from people like Mr Sheets.
  • Regarding the “third great awakening is coming” claim … er … that happened in the 1850s according to some … he appears to be a tad late to the party.
  • Least you wonder who Mr Sheets is, Rolling Stone did a profile of him. Bizarre twist via the opening of that article – Mr Sheets is a strong advocate for Marjorie Taylor Green as the favoured one of God.

Julie Green, a self-proclaimed “prophet” with close ties to Doug Mastriano’s gubernatorial campaign, claims that Washington is controlled by “Luciferians” and that God wants the capital city moved and D.C. “destroyed.”

  • The Grift is strong in this one.
  • Is she the reason why Jesus’s middle name is sometimes “Fucking”?

Interesting Articles

Monologue of the week

Once again stuff about Hunter is popping up.

Below is a comment worth remembering what that happens. PoliticsGirl really is not wrong … (yes, its from last April, not last week, but it’s still a great observation to remember whenever Hunter gets mentioned) …

Statistic of the week

This one blew my mind …12% of “evangelicals” also claim that they have “no religion”

How exactly can somebody who identifies as a “born again/evangelical” also identify as having “No Religion” or “Something Else”. What they heck is going on inside their heads?

Meanwhile …

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