The Cult of Fools – The Ever Given Conspiracy – Apr 4, 2021

Last week saw the end of the Ever Given container ship being stuck in the Suez. They finally freed it last Monday Mar 29. Is it something that could ever be part of any QAnon Conspiracy theory? If you thought “no” then you would be wrong. The claim doing the rounds is that this ship that was chartered by the Taiwanese shipping organization, Ever Green, was really Hillary Clinton’s Human Trafficking Vessel.

Yes really, they were actually floating this claim.

QAnon really do continue to win gold in the Olympic sport of stupidity.

What other crazy things have bubbled to the surface during this past week?

You will find below a few of the more examples that have popped up during the past week.

I’ve highlighted these so that we can laugh about it all. I find that to be the best response to the batshit insane babbling that flows from this cult of fools.


  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says that a vaccine passport is “Biden’s Mark of the Beast” and that any company requiring one is engaging in “corporate communism.”
    • How exactly do communists have a private corporation?
  • Claiming to have a source in “close contact” with former President Donald Trump, QAnon conspiracy theorist Francine Fosdick insists that contrary to reports, he and Melania never took the COVID-19 vaccine: “They never got the shot. … Come on, they’re not that stupid.
    • Fosdick is claiming that their beloved messiah, Trump, lied.


Stolen Election

  • Michele Bachmann Says the Election Was ‘A Coup’ and H.R. 1 Will ‘Forever Cement’ Democratic Control
    • What actually drives politics towards democratic control is the republican embrace of fringe lunacy and delusion
    • Reminder: Bachmann boldly asserted that God had “sealed this election” in Heaven on behalf of Donald Trump. What she is now claiming is that the Democrats are far more powerful than God.
  • Mike Lindell insists that once he files his forthcoming election fraud lawsuit, “Donald Trump will be back in office in August.”
    • Given the various lawsuits against him perhaps we should buy him a pillow to rest his head on, because he soon might not be able to afford to buy one himself.

The Biden Fan Club

  • Jesse Lee Peterson warns that “that government is now being controlled by a bunch of radical, far-left, evil black men and black women.”
    • Jesse is truly pissed that the adults are now in charge.


  • Ever Given Ship Grounded in Suez Canal Has Been Freed; QAnon Adherents Still Convinced It Is Hillary Clinton’s Human Trafficking Vessel
    • QAnon adherents are quite determined to retain their “Stupidest people on the entire planet” crown.
  • Greg Locke is not a fan of Lil Nas X’s new music video or shoes: “Bunch of Satanism. Bunch of wickedness. Bunch of devilism. Bunch of demonism. Bunch of psychotic wickedness.”
    • Lil Nas X sincerely thanks Greg for all the free advertising
    • Backstory: In 2019 Brooklyn-based product design company MSCHF marketed “Jesus Shoes” for $3000 a pair. They included 60cc of “holy water” from the River Jordan. The “Satan Shoes” is them again, this is their latest stunt. For most, it is yet another amusing stunt, in this case especially so because it sends conservative evangelicals into a complete meltdown.
  • Mike Lindell declares that his forthcoming social media platform will be the “biggest platform, holding the most people ever,” as well as “the safest, most secure” platform in existence.
    • If Mike guarantees it then you can indeed be robustly sure it is not true.
  • Cirsten Weldon claims that Biden was paid billions by China for letting them test out their “new weather weapons” on Texas, which were responsible for the devastating and deadly winter storm in February.
    • “evidence” for his claim? Oh come now, you know the drill here, exactly none.

Fools of the week – The False Profit$

The stars of this weekly show are of course the religious grifters. To be wholly clear, most humans, regardless of their belief or non-belief are decent. Some however grasp belief and deploy it as a tool to manipulate and enrich themselves with. This is very much dedicated to them …

Will next week be any different?

Nope, just lots more of the same for us to laugh at and mock.

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  1. Handy list of batshit crazy. Some excellent links. And the opportunity to print it all out, light a fire and offer it to Satan. Not really but these QAnon numbnuts are like a virus.


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