The Cult of Fools – “the disease of democracy” – Sep 12, 2021

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Christian YouTube Shock Jock, Pastor Shane Vaughn really pushed the boat out into uncharted territory this past week with his latest pronouncement …

…Do you know God’s favourite Job is a gardener … Adam was the gardener … you are being called to the garden of America to pull out the weeds of liberalism [and] to pull out the disease of democracy, and to restore the walls of the republic, and to rebuild the hedges of holiness, and to place within this nation the hedgerows of the law of God, the rule of law, and the rule of this great republic…

It is deeply weird for a guy who was arrested in Louisiana and charged with insurance and bank fraud, then ended up in jail in 2009, not before he was a preacher, but after, to be promoting the “Rule of Law”.

So here he is this past week pleading with those that hold a religious belief to push for the creation of a Taliban style religious dictatorship and to purge what he refers to as “the disease of democracy“. It has been crafted to deliver the one thing he deeply desires … clicks, and revenue.

I can’t help but wonder if he also seriously believes that the US is “the Garden of Eden II”. I’m not exactly convinced that this is a traditional theological view, but “thinking” is not what rolls with. He simply presses emotional buttons by deploying hot-button words along with metaphors that trigger the religious.

This, to use my new favourite word, is Talibangelicalism incarnate, coming directly to you via YouTube, the place where common sense goes to die.

So what else has happened during this past week?

Below you will find a selection of truly bizarre claims and declarations. What follows comes with a hat-tip to my source, Right-Wing watch. They generally report the absurd silly claims without comment. The snarky commentary below is wholly mine, it is me having a bit of fun mocking these fools.

The Big Lie

Raw Story (Sep 4): Mike Lindell vows to ‘go after’ reporter the MyPillow CEO branded ‘an enemy of our country’

  • Translation: Mike Lindell is pissed that Salon correspondent Zachary Petrizzo does fact-based reporting, and does not pander to his election fantasy.

Josh Bernstein declares that he will never accept the results of the 2020 election and that he is going to work tirelessly to overturn it or “die trying.”

  • One can only wonder if he will still be trying to overturn the democratically expressed 2020 will-of-the-people in 2025.

A Rather Generous Salary

Sherri Tenpenny, the anti vaccine nut who has teamed up with Dave Daubenmire to promote an organisation designed to fight against public health care policies, says that she and Daubenmire will be taking 20 percent of the donations to their new organization to pay their salaries and business expenses.

  • Given that Daubenmire claims they’re going to raise $100 million in the first month, this seems like a pretty lucrative bit of grifting that they have cobbled up.


David Barton is refusing to take a COVID-19 vaccine because, he says, “I don’t like a vaccine that changes my DNA.”

Dave Daubenmire has been severely ill for weeks and is now claiming that it’s not because of COVID-19 but rather because of “some kind of electric transmission … from the vaccinated.

  • I do confess that I rather like the thought that he really does believe this to be true. If it is indeed the case that he actually believes this, then he will be doing his very best to avoid all of us and will be striving to stay far far away. That’s a truly big win for us.

Lauren Witzke says that COVID-19 vaccines are “a mass death scale injection” and “a precursor to the Mark of the Beast.”

Raw Story (Sep 9, 2021): ‘That can’t be true!’ Former Fox News employee horrified after learning network has vaccine mandate

  • The guy not named in the title is Former Fox News employee Todd Starnes. He was fired from his job after agreeing with a guest that Democrats were worshippers of Moloch
  • And yes, despite all the rhetoric Tucker and all the others are vaccinated. It’s mandatory. An internal Fox News memo obtained by Ad Week confirm this.

CA Recall

Media Matters (Sept 7) – With polls showing Newsom ahead, Fox News is laying out conspiracy theories that California recall election will be stolen

  • How is it possible for a Democrat to win an election in the heavily Democratic state of California? … I’m shocked I tell you, shocked at the pure impossibility of this” … said nobody ever, except Fox News.
  • Past experience is a very reliable predictor for future behaviour. Even without this article, you could see this coming a mile away.

Josh Bernstein advises Larry Elder to refuse to concede and “demand a forensic audit” if he does not become governor in California’s recall election.

  • These are folks who only believe in democracy if they win. If then don’t win, then all bets are off.

Truly Bizarre

Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer used his Sunday sermon to declare that BLM is demonic: “The organization called Black Lives Matter is operating under the spirit of Jezebel. Did you know that organization was founded by witchcraft-practicing lesbians?

  • Fact Check: There is no group or organization called “Black Lives Matter, it is a grassroots slogan adopted by many as a response to racially focused violence by police. It rose to prominence in July 2013 via the social media hash tag #BlackLivesMatter after the acquittal of George Zimmerman.
  • “Witchcraft-practicing lesbians” sounds like fun … where can I join?
  • Incidentally, this guy Lahmeyer is not just a Pastor, he is also a U.S. Senate candidate. The stuff he says panders to a specific demographic and is designed to get votes for himself. His Sunday sermon’s have become a political soapbox devoted to the promotion of the one person he loves more than anybody and everybody else …. himself.

Eric Metaxas says that Mike Lindell is “the sanest man in America.”

  • I’d recommend not rolling with Eric’s definition of “sane”.

 Michael Scheuer is calling for conservatives to “rid the republic of its lawless, vermin-like, and genocidal enemies,” claiming that doing so “is truly to participate in doing God’s work, and that such work – win or lose, live or die — is its own reward. And what, after all, could be more satisfying, necessary, respectable, and blessed than to help kill, in numbers as large as necessary, those who are using illegal and so legally meaningless ‘mandates’ to impoverish, poison, starve, and ultimately kill you and your family; to sexually pervert your grammar-skilled kids and teach them to be Nazis; and to make the Chinese and other Third World trash the rulers of America. Clearly, the only real challenge here lies is picking which target to dispose of first.

Michele Bachmann claims that the United States had “completely won” the war in Afghanistan until the “absolutely monstrous” Biden administration “surrendered to the Taliban when we had already won, and we were making [our] way for the exits.”

  • It was her beloved messiah, the chosen one of God, Mr Two Corinthians, who put the Taliban on notice and told them that the US was walking away, so they could march into town. It’s a matter of public record.
  • This is of course classic Michele Bachmann. She pioneered “crazy” long before it became popular. (I’m really not kidding)

The False Profit$

Pastor Hank Kunneman Says That Questioning His False Election Prophesies Is ‘Grievous to God’

  • Hank issued guaranteed “prophecies” that failed to happen. God will not at all be pissed, but instead will actually be delighted with you for pointing out that this religious grifter is a false prophet.
  • Hank is now claiming that God is testing people – If this is indeed a test, then it’s a gullibility test.
  • Hank now also claims that on Aug. 16, 2020, “God prophesied through this vessel here that they would steal the election.”. That’s a nope. If anyone watches the “prophecy” that he delivered on Aug. 16, they will see that his message then was exactly the opposite of what he now claims.

Robin Bullock asserts that “Barack Obama was prophetically removed from office” in 2010.

  • Fact Check: I really don’t need to say this, but for completeness, for our intellectually challenged cult of fool members, Obama was in office from Jan 2009 until Jan 2017.
  • Then again, if by “prophetically”, Robin means a “Robin Bullock Prophecy” removal, then just like all his other prophecies, it never actually happened.

Will The Crazy every stop?

Quick answer – No, next week will inevitably see more of the same.

I should perhaps send all these folks a thank you note. Without them this posting would be utterly redundant, but with them we have an endless supply of the utterly absurd and truly bizarre to laugh at.

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