The Cult of Fools (May 14, 2023) – “Trump is now officially a Sexual Abuser”

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The head of the Republican Party and 2024 candidate is a sexual abuser.

We all knew Mr “Grab them by the pussy” was like this. All that changed this past week is that “Trump the Sex Pest”, is no longer just an opinion, it’s a legal fact, so he must pay $5 million. Well yes, him paying for sex is not exactly new either.

Meanwhile this tweet sums it up rather well …

… then again, perhaps this also does …

What happens next?

The pipeline of stuff for him is still rather full and includes …

  • Incitement of an insurrection
  • Georgia Election Fraud
  • Stolen Top Secret documents
  • Tax Evasion
  • Loan Fraud
  • Wire Fraud
  • Racketeering

This reality show still has a few more seasons for us all.

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s dive in.


That Town Hall Meeting

So yes, I’m not letting it slide without one comment. Given the observation that CNN has gone full Fox and fully embraced the abomination, this is an important point from MSNBC …

Actions have consequences, CNN have lost me and rather a lot of other people … forever.

The Cult Of Trump

A group of MAGA cultists gathered at one of former President Donald Trump’s properties in Florida Thursday night for a “Pastors For Trump” event that kicked off with a prayer asking God to “intervene in the affairs of this nation” by giving Trump “divine wisdom” and “divine discernment.”

  • Translation-1: They know that he is so stupid and incompetent that he needs supernatural intervention to render him fit. In his case, it’s a lost cause and will be as effective as the truck loads of daily “thoughts & prayers” deployed after every mass shooting.
  • Translation-2: Their God does not have a plan here, so they are offering one up
  • Translation-3: Their God does have a plan, so they are attempting to alter that plan. But their god already knows that, so them not getting what they want is still part of that original plan.

Christian Nationalism

Sean Feucht penned an op-ed for Charisma News declaring “the righteous must seize cultural authority”: “It is not controversial for us to boldly declare that we want Christians to be writing the laws of the land according to the Word of God.

  • The word “Not” is missing from that sentence. (Hint: First Amendment)
  • As I often point out, the “Word Of God” contains explicit instructions on whom you may enslave and how to correctly beat your slave. It also declares shellfish to be an abomination. I’m not exactly convinced this immoral archaic text should be an utilised for our legal framework
  • On the surface it may to some sound fine. What Sean fails to grasp is that there is no consensus on how to correctly interpret the “word of God”, there never has been.

Jason Rapert has high hopes for the 2024 presidential election: “My hope is that the people of this nation will reelect Jesus to be on the throne here again in our country.

  • He is going to be truly devastated when he discovers that Jesus is not standing as a candidate, he is not a US citizen.
  • Breaking News (for Jason) … the US abolished people sitting on thrones back in 1776.

Guns … again and again and again …

Lies, Damn Lies, and David Barton

David Barton Doesn’t Just Lie About History. He Lies About Current Events Too

Quote from the above …

Given that Barton is apparently willing to blatantly lie about current events that can be disproved with a quick search of the internet, why is anyone willing to trust his claims about American history that rely upon his interpretation of often unknown and obscure historical documents?

Barton’s tenuous relationship with the truth has not prevented him from having a major influence on the Republican Party, where he has been an active member of the Platform Committee, or the conservative movement as a whole. Right now, Barton’s bogus Christian nationalist history is helping drive a major assault on church-state separation in Texas public schools, including the hiring of Christian chaplains to replace guidance counselors.

Irony Award of the week #1

Tim Barton, son of David barton above, claimed that it is the mission of WallBuilders to correct the record when people start “cherry-picking” from historical documents to promote their political agenda

  • So yes, that’s exactly what he does, his WallBuilders is literally him “cherry-picking” from historical documents to promote his political agenda
  • He also accused academics of failing “to be intellectually honest” about American history because they seek “to promote a narrative and an agenda”. When it come to his “honesty” and his specific agenda, see here, and here.


Animal Cruelty on Twitter

This is a thread that reveals what happens when you rip out the Twitter safety algorithms in the name of “Free Speech”.

The net impact has been lots of pre-teens being exposed to “cat in a blender” clips and other similar gore and snuff crap. Read the thread to see just how insane it has been.

Tucker Carlson Fired – Did the Devil do it or did God do it?

Gordon Klingenschmitt declares that Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News “because of his Christian faith”: “The devil was angry with Tucker Carlson and that’s why he got fired.

  • Indeed yes, the one thing the father of lies just hates is a liar doing lots of lying, so the father of lies got him fired.
  • Fact Check: Tucker says he despises the church he attends and only goes because he loves the liturgy

Meanwhile Lance Wallnau says Tucker Carlson is a “secular prophet” and his move to Twitter is all part of God’s plan to use the platform to bring about a national revival: “Elon’s not gonna lose money because God put it on him to buy it.

  • What is a “Secular Prophet“?
  • The one skill Elon has demonstrated in abundance so far in 2023 is blowing stuff up, including both Rockets and also Twitter. That’s really not a good business model.
  • Meanwhile, Gordon, within the previous item, claimed Tucker was fired because of Satan, and Lance here claims it was God who did it as part of a plan. I think these guys need to compare notes and get their stories straight.

Homophobic Bigots

North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ Lt. Gov Mark Robinson, who is now running for governor, says teaching kids about LGBTQ issues is “child molestation” and also admits that as an elected official, he has to remind himself that this nation is “not a theocracy.”

  • So … simply telling kids that gay people exist is now supposedly “child molestation”. When it comes to credible threats to kids, he really needs to focus on both guns and also youth pastors.
  • He appears to identify as an “elected official”, but a far more accurate term would be “hateful gobshite“.
  • Republican Jesus: “Love one another, but make sure you hate gay people

The Anti-Trans Fanatics

Isabella Riley Moody expressed her desire to see a “trans genocide,” but when host Ethan Ralph disavowed her comment, she quickly tried to pretend that she was joking.

  • Christian “Love” is indeed a rather unique redefinition of the word “love”.
  • Ethan Ralph, the guy who leaps in to yell “disavow” when she talks about a “trans genocide”, is not exactly a good guy. As a convicted sex offender he has learned that there really is a line you just can’t cross. These days his main income is saying the N-word on his podcast to his cult of followers.

Truly Bizarre

Sean Feucht takes credit for curing Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis of cancer: “We prayed over her [and] a month later, she was cancer free.

  • We are all of course sure that something supernatural happened, and that all the intensive medical care she received played no role in the positive outcome.

Laura Loomer no longer believes “the USA is the best country to live in”: “We are officially third world, our government commits egregious human rights violations, & we live under a regime.

  • Laura collects bans, she has been banned from most social media, payment processors, vehicles for hire, food delivery apps, and even from CPAC. She famously chained herself to Twitter as a protest, then after several hours begged the police to cut her free because she had thrown away the key and it was rather cold. There is a reason she gets all these bans and this is also a reason she hates the US – no social media access, no payment processors, no hire vehicles, and no food ordering. She has literally created her very own personal hell here on earth. She deployed this “third world” status to just herself, the rest of us are doing just fine.

Ted Cruz Wants Money to Defend Clarence Thomas’s Lawbreaking

  • Ted Cruz: F**k ethics, I want some lovely grift money please.

Prosperity Gospel televangelist Jesse Duplantis loves to brag about how rich he is. Thursday night, he appeared at a “FlashPoint” event where he noted that while he might be the shortest one on the stage, “I’m also the richest.”

  • The symbol that these guys worship is the $, not the Cross.

While Jesus declared that “if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” MAGA pastor Mark Burns disagrees: “When they smack you in the face, you smack them back two times harder.

  • Republican Jesus … comes into town riding a Dinosaur and armed with an AR-15

Meanwhile …

The False Profit$

None of the arrests promised by QAnon ever happened, so naturally QAnon conspiracy theorist Dave Hayes (aka “The Praying Medic”) now claims thatmuch of what Q posts is disinformation”: “Every single time there was a prediction about an arrest, it was disinformation.

  • Translation: He is admitting it was all lies.
  • This is now way beyond “moving the goalpost”, he has now taken a axe to it and chopped it down.

Mark Driscoll asked, “Do powerful demons run religion and government through false prophets?” He then answered his own question: “The answer is yes.

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