The Cult of Fools (Mar 19, 2023) – “You can be a decent Human or you can vote GOP – You can’t do both”

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Next week may indeed be “interesting”. Tempting as it is to lead with the potential arrest of you know now, nope, I’ll let that slide for now and wait until it actually happens. For this week’s opening I’m posting a family letter published by Ryan Short to his entire family.

Ryan does not wish to have any kind of relationship with family members who vote for a party that seeks to literally murder him. That’s his non-negotiable stance, and I wholly support him.

Read it and weep, because this is what it has now come to …

I’ll just leave that there for you to ponder over without any further comment.

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s dive in.


Christian Nationalism

Christian nationalist Jason Rapert wants to see right-wing Christians rise up and “take authority” over every level of government, from local school boards to every seat in Congress.

Andrew Torba, the antisemitic founder of Gab, is building a right-wing AI which he and others can use to flood social media with “Christian Nationalist propaganda all day long.

  • The block button is going to be a really good friend for all of us.
  • The term AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence”, but here I think we actually have AS “Artificial Stupidity”.
  • We are perhaps going to need to counter with an Atheist AI that simply auto-responds to everything with “I don’t believe you“.

Charlie Kirk seems to love nothing more than going to churches and spreading false history about the founding of this nation. No, Charlie, Deuteronomy was not the most quoted book during the writing of the Constitution, Declaration, and Federalist Papers.

  • Charlie is basically a professional quote maker.
  • If you and I could talk out of our asses like this guy does, then we would make a fortune.
  • Fact Check: Deuteronomy is the last book of the Torah that was supposedly written by Moses. The rather interesting twist there is that is describes the death and funeral of Moses … within the book he supposedly wrote. (take all the time you need there)

The “No Choice” Movement wants the Death Penalty for making the wrong choice

The Wrong Kind of Nazi

Nick Fuentes thinks that he might have to tone down the Hitler thing going forward” because he’s afraid all his proclamations of love for Hitler could attract the wrong kind of Nazis to his movement.

  • To help you grasp this, what he wants are the Nazis that pretend they aren’t Nazis instead of the Nazis who are open about being Nazis like he is.
  • If you are rolling around on the ground after covering yourself in syrup, you really don’t then get to say “What the…? Where are all these ants coming from!?

Neo-Nazi and toxic misogynist Andrew Anglin says he doesn’t use Facebook much these days except for when he wants to “target women and stalk them for rape.”

  • Yep, he literally said the quiet part out loud.

Stew Peters wants to be a dictator and execute doctors

Far-right Rep. Paul Gosar appeared on right-wing conspiracy theorist Stew Peters’ program, where Peters suggested that the only way to save the nation would be tojust get rid of the whole damn government” and install he and Gosar in the White House.

  • Make a note voters, Paul Gosar wants to be a dictator.

Extremist right-wing broadcaster Stew Peters, yes him again, says doctors who provide treatment to transgender children should be executed: “There were fake doctors who did fake medicine during the Holocaust too. And when we found those people … we hanged them, appropriately.

Execute Drag Queens

Right-wing commentator Steve Deace declares that drag queens are grooming children and that “pedo-groomers should be executed, by the way. After a fair trial, of course.

  • Despite all the rhetoric by the right, not one jot of evidence has emerged of a drag queen abusing kids. Meanwhile, regarding a pastor or priest being arrested for abusing kids this past week …see here … and here … and here … and here … etc… (Rinse and repeat every single week).

Irony Meter Busted again

A church that openly calls for the government-sanctioned execution of gay people is mad that Hemant Mehta posts clips of their hate-sermons because it might lead to violence against… them.

  • Indeed yes, this is indeed a truly epic Internet Self-own. Sure Foundation Baptist Church is deeply pissed that Hemant posts clips of the vile stuff they say and publish because people might not like it.

Actions really do have consequences

A hospital in northern Idaho intends to stop offering pregnancy care altogether because the laws have criminalized abortion care and physicians are being forced to leave the state.

  • Fact Check: Yep, this is real, CBS News story on this is here, and also the Press Release on the Hospital website is here.
  • It has all been ramped up to the next level … no doctors. If they literally can’t legally do their job, they walk and go somewhere else. Who you vote for really does have consequences.
  • Quote from the Hospital Press Release: … “Highly respected, talented physicians are leaving. Recruiting replacements will be extraordinarily difficult” 
  • Hey Idaho, well done on your path to 3rd world status. This is what you voted for.

Truly Bizarre

Oklahoma State Rep. Jim Olsen cited the Bible in defense of allowing teachers to hit students with disabilities. He quoted verses on the House floor that “endorse the use of corporal punishment.” It worked. A bill banning such punishments failed.

Scott Lively declares that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election and therefore “America already owes him four more years in the White House, and, like any other robbery victim, he doesn’t legally or morally have to win another election to claim his ‘property.’”

  • As I have often noted in the past, Scott writes on WND (a far-right fake news website). It is commonly known as “WingNut Daily” for many reasons – Scott is one of them.

Lauren Witzke, the Delaware GOP’s candidate for Senate in 2020, is a flat Earther: “I haven’t seen [a round Earth]. I don’t trust anything I don’t see anymore. If I haven’t seen it myself, I don’t believe it.

  • Well … I did point out in last week’s posting that she was a flat earther, and so here she is now very kindly popping up to confirm that she is indeed still that detached from reality.
  • Interestingly enough Lauren has never actually seen Jesus yet she believes in him … so how does that work?
  • One other thing she has never ever seen is … a flat earth … yet she believes it.

Claremont Institute Claim: Bank of America gave $18 billion to “BLM.”

  • It turns out that it was mortgages and small business loans to Black people. So basically, if you do business with Black people, the Claremont Institute thinks you’re donating to “BLM”
  • The pure stupidity of this is quite frankly stunning.
  • Josh Marshall’s Full Twitter Thread with all the gory details can be found here and exposes this hideous little bundle of racist shitfuckery (Yes, that’s a real term).

The False Profit$

Trump cultist/self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman used his Sunday sermon to insist that the Biden administration “doesn’t exist” and that Biden himself has been replaced by body doubles: “I ain’t buying it because I ain’t deceived.”

  • Least you wonder why he adopts this rather daft stance, it is because he predicted a Trump win in 2020 as the word from God, so he is now forced into this denial of reality to maintain his credibility. There is apparently something that the bible says should happen to false prophets, I’d speculate that Hank has ripped those pages out and burned them.
  • Hank Translator: “The president you see on TV every day isn’t real, but I’m the appointed one of God, so just ignore what your eyes and common sense tell you, trust what I say and donate to me
  • This is literally what happens when carnival hucksters run a religious con
  • Meanwhile, I officially certify Hank to be a fake prophet and not really there. The real Hank has been kidnapped and replaced by a body double. (My authority for proclaiming this is exactly the same as his).

Second Hank Kunnerman hit this week: He says Jesus wasn’t white. He knows this because he’s “met Jesus and He’s not Caucasian.

  • The observation that a guy from the middle east is not white is not exactly news. The claim that Hank can give a precise description opens up a lot of questions.
  • Namely, where does he gets his drugs from because apparently they’re pretty good.

Christian conspiracy theorist Johnny Enlow says his preaching was responsible for a power grid failure in Costa Rica in 2007.

  • That’s not a “miracle”, that’s supernatural terrorism.
  • Holds up newspaper” as “proof”. In reality this is how the scam works. Take a real event and then simply claim you caused it.

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It really is not the Drag Queens

If you are deeply worried about kids being molested, then not taking them to church solves most of their exposure to that risk.

What can one say except to perhaps make the observation that those that want to inspect kids’ genitals, track their menstrual cycles and force them to give birth after rape, really do need to hand their children over to a drag queen for safe keeping and protection from such lunacy.

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