The Cult of Fools (July 23, 2023) – “MTG endorses Joe Biden”

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This is both hilarious and also quite simply a work of high political art. MTG has very strongly endorsed Job Biden’s economic policy, and Joe Biden has tweeted that endorsement out as follows …

It is not a deep fake, those are her actual words. When she gave the original talk she simply did not see this coming, yet there it is.

It was not clipped word by word, those are actual paragraphs takes from her Turning Point 2023 speech. It really is not trickery and is quite real. They simply chopped out all the batshit weirdness (which to be frank, was most of what she said).

She said the above thinking it was an attack on Biden, that it would drive voters away.

She literally teed it up for him.

Congratulations, President Biden, for gaining Marge’s approval, and endorsement.

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary.

With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s once again dive into this very murky pool of absurdity and raw stupidity so that we can laugh at it all.

Christian Nationalism

James Dobson warns that “our great nation is being distorted by the radical Left into a morally broken land of division and despair. The end game could be the destruction of all that is good and noble. We, as Christians, are the greatest force standing between those who hate America and those who love it.

Kandiss Taylor, the Jesus, guns, and babies nutter,  asserted this past week that “our whole Constitution is founded on the word of God. That is facts.

More Christian Nationalism in the news this past week …

The Cult of Trump

You-know-who got asked a direct question and then, as is his way, proceeded to answer a completely different question and gets a round of applause for that. Nobody ever has the courage to say, “Hang on a second, that’s a BS answer, it is not an answer to the question I asked” …

Trump Cult In the news this past week …

Stolen Election Claims

Kari Lake vows that she will never concede that she lost her 2022 race for governor of Arizona, nor will she support a recall effort against Gov. Katie Hobbs because “I already beat her once”: “I won this election and everybody involved knows it. This woman should be pulled out by her collar.

Also this was in the news this past week …

Christian “Love”

Josiah David Moody (Husband of Isabella Riley Moody) issues a warning to his enemies: “I have been found innocent through the blood of Jesus but you are workers of Satan. If there is no repentance you are not covered by the blood. You are my enemy and the wrath of God is on your life. I will not rest until there is destruction in the name of Jesus.

  • I will not rest until there is destruction in the name of Jesus.” … just like Jesus taught.

Nazis R Us

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin loved Nick Fuentes’ violently antisemitic speech: “It’s important to remember that the Holocaust is a hoax and that Jews are going to get what is coming to them.

Lies, Damed Lies, and David Barton

David Barton appears to have grown so confident in the knowledge that nobody on the right will ever call out his falsehoods that he is now just making stuff up, baselessly asserting that various aspects of the Bill of Rights came directly out of the Bible.

Lance Wallnau Spreads False Christian Nationalist History

  • When others see Barton lying and not being challenged about it by the demographic they target, then it is inevitable that others can think “Hey, I can do that as well“.
  • The above highlights Wallnau replaying Mr Barton’s false claim regarding Franklin, a claim that has been debunked.

It is not just Lance, Hank Kunneman Is also Spreading Laughably False Christian Nationalist History. The utter weirdness of it all is the lie is very easily exposed. Just check the actual letter and you find his supposed quote is a lie …

Meanwhile we also had Jackson Lahmeyer Spreading False Christian Nationalist History

  • His claim was that “our Founding Fathers built a form of government off of the Old Testament” and his “proof” was to simply quote Barton.

When the above was tweeted, Lahmeyer responded … with no evidence for his claims …

Weird Conspiracies

The QAnon conspiracy theorists at Up Front In The Prophetic (Allen & Francine Fosdick) are convinced that President Joe Biden has been replaced by an “imposter” because the recent photos of him at the beach don’t match the fake images created by The Onion.

  • There is no denying the observation here that Allen & Francine Fosdick are quite determined to push the fine art of raw stupidity out into new previously undiscovered territory

Deeply Weird

Elijah Schaffer is making money off of posting racist and bigoted content on Twitter.

Dalton Clodfelter says that “the two biggest issues in this country” are “Jews [and] Women”: “All other issues stem from these two problems.”

  • The dark ages have been literally incarnated and now walks amongst us in our midst using the name “Dalton Clodfelter”

Joshua Feuerstein says that “in order to be peaceful, you must first be capable of extreme violence. Otherwise, you’re just weak.

  • Feuerstein is famous for suggesting that abortion doctors should run and hide and be afraid for their lives, and also for inciting the Jan 6 insurrection and is under investigation for that.

Other weirdness that popped up during the past week …

The False Profit$

Self-appointed “Prophet” Lance Wallnau claims the Founding Fathers knew that God was responsible for their victory in the American Revolution because “they took on Britain [and] Britain had defeated Napoleon!

  • Oh FFS, Napoleon was defeated in 1815, decades after the Revolution.
  • He most probably also knows that his target demographic don’t actually care about facts.

MAGA Pastor and self-appointed “prophet”, Hank Kunneman, who repeatedly prophesied that Trump would win the 2020 election, declares that if you actually believe that President Joe Biden won, “you might want to reexamine your theology.

  • No need to “reexamine your theology” if you have not been conned by grifters like Kunneman.
  • Meanwhile for those that do actually think that the multiple-indicted, twice-impeached conman is still the president, then you might want to reexamine your meds with your doctor.
  • Seriously … if you actually believe Kunneman, then you really do need to “reexamine your theology” because the verse “when thou durst promote complete and utter BS, then thou shalt quickly go fourth and cover thy ass with more lies” is not in the bible. This is because the Book of Grifting did not make the cut.

This past week Jim Bakker claimed that “when I was on television in the early years, we had the best relationship with the Black and White that I’d ever seen in America and now it’s deteriorating.

This section is never really complete if Shane does not pop up. Sure enough, Pastor Shane Vaughn declares that “Separation of CHURCH & STATE is a PHANTOM argument. The only SEPARATION is the STATE FROM THE CHURCH.

Statistic of the week

Voting for Bigotry

As usual PoliticsGirl truly nails it …

Meanwhile … Barbie has arrived … with Hot Pink Demons

What is truly hilarious are all the Christians who are demanding yet another boycott of “Woke Disney” because of the new Barbie move … a movie that is not made, nor distributed by Disney, but rather Warner Bros.

Because of all the free viral advertising from these nutters, I’ve now got to go see the movie.

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