The Cult of Fools (Apr 2, 2023) – “Lock Him Up”

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It has always been a rather fundamental principle that nobody is above the law, no exceptions, not even 45. Ali Alexander, the Stop the Steal organiser, proclaimed this past week that Donald Trump is a “king”, hence the law does not apply. Well guess what, it was medieval jurist Henry de Bracton who made the observation that “no one is above the law“. His specific and very explicit example of that was the King.

Some will indeed genuinely feel sad that it happened and rant about the “political weaponisation” of the law. Do you know what would actually be a “political weaponisation” of the law? – seeing the evidence that he is indeed guilty and then giving him a special get-out-of-jail free pass because he is 45.

What is truly sad and deeply tragic is that he brought a considerable degree of disrepute to the office he held.

Because the Grand Jury voted on this, then clearly Mr Trump has finally won a popular vote. He should be congratulated for this, he has very been working ever so hard and now reaps his well-earned reward. May it be the first of many more indictments, because this truly is the season finale we have all been waiting for.

I am celebrating that a day of reckoning for 45 has finally arrived.

What we are also learning is that Stormy Daniels, who is now an official part of US history, has F**ked Trump one more time, but for the very first time ever, she is truly enjoying it.

There was also the following masterful tweet from the Yusef Salaam who was one of the Central Park Five. Trump famously took out a full page ad calling for him to be executed. Yusef’s family received death threats after the papers ran that. He was later revealed to be completely innocent when the guy who actually committed the crime confessed. When pressed about it in 2019, Trump refused to apologise or even admit to being wrong.

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s dive in.


We don’t have to live like this, it’s a choice – 7 tweets

Rinse and repeat for every single shooting where we literally sacrifice kids as a burnt offering to appease the Gun God …

19th Amendment

Isabella Riley Moody says “the 19th Amendment is a horrible thing” and that “one of the worst things to ever happen for America was women getting the right to vote.

  • For some the goal is to get us back to the 1950s, she however is reaching for the far more ambitious goal of the 1850s

Blue Tick = You Spent $8″

So these popped up on a specific date this past week …

Homophobia on Steroids

Religious-right YouTuber Steve Turley couldn’t get Doug Mastriano elected governor of Pennsylvania, but he’s got something to be excited about: new legislation in Uganda that makes it a crime to identify as gay.

  • The rampent intolerance and hate is why increasing numbers of people walk away from organised religion forever.

Stew Peters Says Uganda’s Harsh Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Is ‘100 Percent Awesome’

  • If you listen to his description then you will discover that he has vividly detailed images in his head. Where does that come from?
  • Least you mull the idea that this is all just a few bad Christian, I should perhaps remind you that I am being absolutely deafened here by the stunning silence from all the “loving” Christians denouncing guys like this.
  • One other observation is that Stew Peters is a strong flat earth advocate. I have honestly no idea where he thinks the ISS is or even if he believes that Australia actually exists. Being wrong about absolutely everything as he is takes a great deal of skill.
  • Is Mr Peters just a lone nutter? The core issue is that he gets Republican leaderselected officials, and candidates for office to appear on his program, and has been invited to campaign on behalf of GOP candidates.

Joseph Farah says that the rainbow “has been hijacked, stolen, misappropriated” by LGBTQ activists and “it’s time for us to reclaim it – or God will.

  • He seriously appears to think that a God has an exclusive claim on “Rainbows” and will be along any minute now to sort it all out because it has been “stolen”.

Christian hate-preacher Tanner Furrh says people googling his name will find horrible things… like claims that he’s a hate-preacher. Then, referring to gay people, he adds, “I do want them to die. I pray to God that He would just kill them all, suddenly, in a painful way.

  • As a sincere believer he could have asked his “loving” god to magically make gay people straight … but no, he opted for a call for death in the most painful manner. That truly does tell you what a delightful human being he actually is.

The “Good Guys” did not win WW II

The only one surprised to discover that Elijah Schaffer’s fans don’t believe that the “good guys” won World War II is Elijah Schaffer.

Career Decisions

Dalton Clodfelter seems to be realizing that being an antisemitic white nationalist Christian fascist livestreamer might limit his future career opportunities: “I can never do anything else again” … “I decided to say the N-word, I decided to say that I love Hitler and that I love everybody, I decided to say that I believe in an authoritarian right-wing government, and now I’m here.

  • He has done this to himself.
  • He could also decide to change his mind and become a better human, but for now I guess that’s off his agenda.

Kings like “Trump” get a Free pass to Break the Law

I mentioned it above in the opening. Our favourite Time Travelling claimant, Ali Alexander, proclaims that people like Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Vladimir Putin are “kings” so it’s perfectly fine for them to be personally corrupt while publicly professing to be Christian: “The private corruption of a king doesn’t remotely bother me.

  • I’ve always been under the impression that we sorted out this “Divine Right of Kings to rule” stuff back in 1776 when we rather famously told King George III to F**k Off.
  • Ali Translation: Corruption is not a problem as long as it’s my guy doing it.

Truly Bizarre

Ali Alexander, yes him again, asserts that “the Inquisition was cool” while “public schools are not cool.

  • If you were wondering how Ali could possibly come out with something even more bizarre than last week’s rant where he proclaimed how great he was … well … wonder no more, because here he is touting the merits of torturing and murdering people for not believing exactly what you believe.

Stella Immanuel warns that drag queen performances open “a portal” through which children are infected with “a spirit of perversion”: “It is a possession exercise.”

Milo Yiannopoulos declares that “blasphemy laws are necessary in an orderly and pious nation and 1A stands in the way. Has to go.” [Side Note: You probably got it, but for those that did not, “1A” is his shorthand reference to the First Amendment]

  • From the viewpoint of every single belief, every other variation of belief is “blasphemy”, absolutely everybody would be prosecuted under a “Blasphemy Law”, a “crime” that does not actually have any victims.

Well yes, that’s a cue for a replay of this truly hilarious classic clip …

The False Profit$

Lance Wallnau appeared on Jesse Lee Peterson’s show, where Peterson told him that “a man has no business listening to a woman”: “Every time you listen to a woman, you’re gonna suffer.

Lance Wallnau, yes a second item for him, reports that Kari Lake, Michael Flynn, and Eric Trump will be participating in his “Holy Ghost Fire & Glory Tour” that aims to break the “demonic strongholds” that are supposedly preventing Republican candidates from winning elections in swing states.

  • I’m sure that the GOP’s promotion of candidates who are morally and ethically bankrupt plays no part in people deciding to not vote for them, yep, it just must be “demons” rigging the election.
  • Wallnau Translator: Send me lots of $$ so that I can go on the road doing lots of “spiritual” stuff such as passing the collection plate around again and again and again.

Lara Trump is increasingly aligning herself with the right-wing “prophetic” movement and on Tuesday joined “prophet” Julie Green, who declared that God told her former President Donald Trump is a modern-day David and prayed that God will restore “what the enemy has stolen” from the Trump family.

  • Self-Appointed “Prophet” Julie Green gets an explicit mention in the Bible: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.Matthew 7:15

Interesting Articles

  • Will Doran @ WRAL: ‘God formed me’ to fight LGBTQ issues, NC’s Mark Robinson says as 2024 governor’s race looms.
  • Kelly McClure @ Salon: Ted Nugent calls Zelenskyy a “homosexual weirdo” during Trump’s Waco rally.
  • Ray Hartman @ Raw Story: Trump indictment over Stormy Daniels will have ‘little impact’ on his evangelical Christian base: expert.
  • Alex Griffing @ Mediaite: ‘I Thought It Was Horrible’: Netanyahu Torches Trump For Dinner With Neo-Nazi Fuentes and Kanye West.
  • Tim Miller @ The Bulwark: DeSantis Finds His Voice: A NatCon Culture Warrior Who Praised a Prominent White Nationalist.
  • Henry Redman @ Wisconsin Examiner: Kelly campaign runs shot-for-shot remake of racist Willie Horton ad.
  • David Gilbert @ Vice News: QAnon Spent the Weekend Spreading a John Fetterman Body Double Conspiracy Theory.
  • Olivia Little @ Media Matters: Former SNL cast member and conspiracy theorist Victoria Jackson is teaming up with Moms for Liberty to ban books.
  • Gabriella Ferrigine @ Salon: House Republican summarizes party’s response to rampant school shootings: “We’re not gonna fix it.”
  • Igor Bobic @ HuffPost: The Man Who Leads Senate Prayer Is Fed Up With ‘Thoughts And Prayers.’
  • Media Matters: Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles says “guns have nothing to do with” Nashville shooting.
  • Emine Yücel @ Talking Points Memo: Trump Desperately Tries To Connect Manhattan DA’s Hush Money Probe To The Big Lie.
  • John Fea @ Current: The 2016 and 2020 court evangelicals continue to line-up behind Trump. Today it’s Paula White’s turn.
  • Greg Owen @ LGBTQ Nation: Conservative activist deleted from org’s site after raunchy video of him resurfaces.

Statistic of the week

Fake or just being Funny?

Today’s Homework: Is this the real Merriam-Webster having a poke at paying for Blue Ticks or a parody?


Actions really do have consequences

Update on the Nebraska Filibuster

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