The Cult of Fools – 10 Jan 2021

The big event of the week was … well, we all know. Trump riles up a crowd of inept idiots, then points them at the Capitol. He later declares that he loves them after these fools storm the building ransacking it.

Yes Trump is a problem, but there is a far bigger problem …

Bottom line: The GOP has become the party of stupidity and gullibility on steroids.

What else has bubbled to the surface during this past rather eventful week?

Here are a few samples …

The Georgia Election – (Yes, it feels so long ago, but that was just last Tuesday).

This alone should have been the big political landmark of the week. It flips the senate blue and so opens the door for the Biden administration to get things done. Just before it on Monday, we had the usual bluster designed to frighten and manipulate people …

Fear Mongers – It’s a general theme

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt is alarmed about the prospects of a Joe Biden presidency: “They’re coming for YOU and your pastor, your church, your child, and their school.  Anyone who stands for Christ will be sued for ‘discrimination’ against sin. If you do not endorse their sodomy, they will fine you, bankrupt you, censor you, jail you.  This is not about tolerance, it’s about forcing YOU to reject Christ, or face punishment.
    • I have a really hard time trying to grasp how he thinks Catholic Biden, and Baptist Harris will be doing this.

Earlier in the week before The Capitol invasion

  • (Before Wednesday) Wayne Allyn Root knows who will be to blame if civil war breaks out: “I can feel revolution starting. My liberal friends ask ‘Do u want a civil war Wayne?’ My answer: Maybe DC Swamp, Deep State, the feeble old man with dementia, Commie Kamala & radical BLM & Antifa should have thought about all of that. Out of my hands what happens next.
    • We all know who is to blame for what happened on Wednesday.
  • Pat Robertson vaguely prophesies that “something dramatic is going to happen” that will change the outcome of the election.
    • The “Source” for his prophesy is that they had been openly planning the Capitol Invasion on social media. No supernatural whisperings needed. It also turns out that it did not in any way flip the election.
  • Pressuring Pence: Team Trump Demands That VP Lead Congressional Coup to Keep Trump in Power
    • As we all know, Pence finally found his spine and did something right. We should not however forget that Pence has spent the last four years backing up all the other batshit crazy stuff that Trump did. Pence has not actually changed, he simply has his eye on a potential run in 2024. (I’m not making that up, insiders and allies confirm that Pence really is seriously thinking it will be him in 2024)

Then came Wednesday. We are all familiar with it. The ​Capitol Breach was Preceded by Widespread Calls for Violence on Pro-Trump Social Media and so we all watched it unfold.

The people who died

Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was reportedly struck in the head with a fire extinguisher while “physically engaging” with the rioters.

Ashli Babbitt, was shot as she stupidly tried to break down the doors of the US Senate chamber as members sheltered inside.

Benjamin Phillips, organized a caravan from Pennsylvania to the Capitol grounds for the planned insurrection. He had a stroke and died as they rushed into the building.

Avid Trump supporter Rosanne Boyland, who had a criminal history, was crushed.

Racist Kevin Greeson died of a heart attack. It is unverified, but the whisper is the Greeson had the heart attack because he accidentally tasered himself in the balls while trying to steal a painting. (Take these details with a pinch a salt, it feels like an urban legend) …

These Trump fanatics really were inept idiots

The very reason for them doing what they did means they are self selected idiots. There was no stolen election.

Being staunch Trump fanatics, they did not wear masks, so we can easily identify them all.

They had no plan. They are the dog who caught the car and is then clueless about what to do next.

Going one step further, one guy even wore his work id badge displaying his name. His employer spotted him and fired him …

Next up: the Capitol Invasion Conspiracy Claims

Meanwhile, some still cling to their delusions

  • Mark Taylor warns that anyone who begins to doubt his repeated prophecies that Trump would be reelected does not have “the fear of God” and “at some point, God is going to issue a rebuke to these people.”
    • It is now distinctly possible that on Jan 20 Joe Biden will not be sworn in as the 46th President of the US. He might instead be sworn in as the 47th, because Pence will be 46 for about a week or two.
  • Kat Kerr claims that God woke her up Wednesday afternoon when he entered her bedroom angry and screaming that nothing can stop his plan to keep President Donald Trump in the White House.

..and some are scrambling for excuses …

  • Robertson Henderson argues that even though countless “prophets” guaranteed that President Donald Trump would be reelected, that didn’t mean it was bound to happen: “Just because somebody prophesies something doesn’t mean it’s going to come to pass.”
    • Is he saying the voices in his head lied to him?
  • Charisma has begun to run pieces apologizing for the false prophesies that Trump would win reelection.
    • The biblical standard for false prophets was that they should die. I suspect they will be sweeping those verses under the carpet.

Meanwhile, actions really do have consequences …

This is a bit of good news to verify that you don’t get to megaphone false claims without reaping an appropriate reward.

  • Dominion Voting Sues Sidney Powell for $1.3 Billion in Damages … “Dominion Voting Systems—the election company smeared by Republicans and right-wing activists with baseless voter fraud conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 presidential election—has filed a defamation lawsuit against the pro-Trump attorney who played a central role in spreading false allegations against the company. … “Although Powell assured the public during television and radio appearances that her claims were backed by ‘evidence,’ Powell’s ‘evidence’ included declarations from a motley crew of conspiracy theorists, con artists, armchair ‘experts,’ and anonymous sources who were judicially determined to be ‘wholly unreliable,’” 

She really has released the Kraken … just not in the way she expected.

Let’s not forget that COVID-19 Conspiracy Claims still bubble away out there

  • DeAnna Lorraine says the death of Republican Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, who died of COVID-19 before he could take office, “screams a hit job.”

Bottom Line

Well hey yes, what a week, and you though that there was no way 2021 could ever trump 2020.

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