Pagan Religious media coverage on the BBC

There is a rather daft article in today’s UK Telegraph about the BBC’s coverage of a pagan festival by Damian Thompson…

Utterly fawning coverage from the BBC of the pagan festival of Halloween or “Samhain”, including an interview with a chief pagan in a sheepskin. “We’ll be continuing with our coverage throughout the day, watching the celebration of the most important festival of the pagan year,” we’re promised.

So apparently its OK to broadcast church services, but broadcasting something from some other belief systems is “fawning”!!! He then goes on to claim …

There’s even a page on the BBC website devoted to paganism – or, rather, devoted to its propaganda.

Yep, thats true … and there are pages on the BBC site for other made-up beliefs that also worship mythical supernatural entities such as Catholicism or Islam.

As you carry on reading this bizarre article, you soon find yourself wading through a thick treacle of cynicism and disbelief, all laced with appropriate phrases such as, “absurdly“, “lends credence” and “historical fantasy“. Also we are advised that the BBC apparently “gushes” about all of this.

Keep going and you quickly find that its all associated with Satanism, or the even more sinister “far Right” … and before you know it we have Godwins law incarnate …

…Neo-Nazi movement entitled Black Sun, Nordic racial paganism or Odinism is a “spiritual rediscovery of the Aryan ancestral gods … intended to embed the white races in a sacred worldview that supports their tribal feeling”, and expressed in “imaginative forms of ritual magic and ceremonial forms of fraternal fellowship”.

The truth is that yes Paganism is indeed a made-up belief and those taking part are indulging in a adult fantasy (even if they do truly believe in the incarnation of mother earth as a goddess). But in exactly what way does that make them different than any other belief system on the entire planet?

If interested in reading this bizarre piece, then click here.

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