Islamic Facebook group encourages censorship – I’ve reported them as a hate group

I stumbled across a Facebook page today called “Against Anti Islamic Groups and Anti Islamic Content on FB”. Basically, the sole purpose of this group is to encourage other Muslims to report any other Facebook group or page as a hate group if they dare to insult Islam or their Prophet.

The guidance they give says …

Anti Islamic Groups to be removed no more insult of Islam in the Name of freedom of Speech

They specifically say …

1. go to bottom of the page and click on report Group
2. In option Box click on Hate Speech and then select Targets a religious Group
3. Click continue
4. In next step check the option Report to Facebook and click continue

They appear to be specifically targeting groups run by atheists and ex-muslims.

Now, I’m quite happy for them to rant and rave about all the insults and make silly claims regarding their beliefs. However, they have crossed the line here and are actively encouraging censorship on the basis that if its not them and it does not support their silly beliefs, then its an insult and a hate group.

How to respond?

Well, this did indeed piss me off … so I took their advice and guidance, and clicked “report group” on their page and reported them as a hate group. If you have a moment, and are active in FB, then you might like to click on over to their page and do the same.

7 thoughts on “Islamic Facebook group encourages censorship – I’ve reported them as a hate group”

  1. If this is only a “small group of radical muslims” where are the “moderate muslims” and why are they not speaking out against these maniacs? Not to condemn is to condone. It appears that, in their hearts, the so-called “moderate muslims” actually agree with the fundamentalists.

    I have thought for several years that ultimately, this will result in WW III if it has not already begun. This war will not end until one side or the other are all dead. If the Muslims obtain nuclear weapons, they will not hesitate to use them any more than the christian fundamentalists would. After all, when you’re “serving god” nothing is too evil or extreme.

  2. IMO, this is typical of Islamic thought. These are people with whom co-existence is simply not possible–they must and will have their beliefs and ideas be the dominant ones, or they will attempt to undermine the surrounding society until they can force it to conform to their
    theology. Separatism is going to be the only ultimate answer to dealing with Islam…it cannot live with its neighbors unless it can dominate them, and will pursue any and all paths to accomplishing that end. They need to remain in their corner of the world and let others remain in theirs, at least until they become far more enlightened and liberal in their ideations than they are are at present.

  3. objectiveobserver – you appear to be missing the point.

    Their tactic is to suppress and censor others who do not believe what they believe.

    I have no problem with their beliefs, they can believe whatever they wish. However, they have crossed the line here and have started to impose their beliefs on others by force. It is on that basis, and that basis alone, that I label them a “Hate group”.

  4. This is stupid. Resorting to tactics you supposedly deplore only makes you a hypocrite. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and try to do something significant instead of pissing your life away on facebook.

  5. I perused the page, and it seems like a very small group of people on the group actually say anything. Most of them just spout death threats and insult the masculinity of other Muslims who don’t think like they do.

    Honestly, the violent way in which this group speaks is at the very least unsettling (As is Yunus’ comment above). It is really terrifying that Islam seems to be going through a wave of heightened violence during our lifetime. I hope it can be quenched by rational thought, and not bloodshed.

  6. WoW… I just checked out this… and I’ll tell you this… for being our enemy like that… I just want to kill them all myself… Those particular retarded muslim kinds are so stupid, they never check their thoughts or the way they think… That’s why they all be dead in future!!!


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