Mr Deity has a reply to the Pope

This has been popping up in a few places, and so just in case you have not seen it yet, here is Mr Deity with a fabulous response to the Pope’s morally reprehensible comments regarding the violence in Paris against the satirists at the French weekly, Charile Hebdo.

Warning … he uses a few naughty words, so if specific anglo saxon phrases offend you, do not watch this.

So who is this guy?

If you are wondering if this is a one off clip or if Mr Deity has other videos, well the good news (for some) is that he has lots. Mr Deity has an entire series of satirical short films that parody aspects of religion, and so if you would like to see more, then click here.

Here for example is his parody of the I’m Mormon TV commercial …

He started all this back in 2006 and at that point decided to make a series of short comedy films about God surveying the universe with his assistant. By the time he had done season 1 he had signed a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment to create a TV version of Mr. Deity for HBO, but that fell through so he has carried on doing this back on YouTube.

You can read more about here here on his Wikipedia page.

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