Debate: Dr. David Marshall (Christianity) vs Dr. Phil Zuckerman (secular humanism)

Dr David Marshall has a reputation as a great Christian speaker.

Rather unfortunately for him, he recently went head-to-head in a debate with Secular Humanist Dr Phil Zuckerman at Adventure Christian Church. Now as you might imagine, having a proficient speaker such as Dr Marshall on the bill generates much anticipation of a triumph for Christianity, so they captured it all on camera with the intent of then publishing it as a bit of Christian PR. Alas for them, things did not exactly go to plan because Dr Zuckerman is orders of magnitude better as a speaker than Dr Marshall and so completely completely obliterated him. I must however admit that he has a slight advantage; he has reality on his side.

Pastor Stedman from the church was so embarrassed by this result that he then refused to release the video of the debate. Sadly for him things have changed, via the Internet word got out and they soon clicked that not releasing the video was even worse PR, so they have now put it up, and here it is …

The irony here is that if Pastor Stedman had simply stuck with the original intent and put it up, both you and I would never have heard of this debate.

And yes, they have disabled comments for the video.



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