Daft Claim of the week: “cult of atheism at death’s door”

This just has to be the most stupid combination of words I have ever seen. It takes a considerable degree of ignorance to combine so much wrongness into so few words. An idiot, who claims to be “Charles Dumbwin” writes on News24 …

With the cult of atheism at death’s door, the last kicks of this ungodly dying horse have attempted to stir these usually peaceful forums on News24.

It’s amusing to note that while atheist religiots have punted their unscientific drivel – with unprovable theories like the impossible Big Bang or the magical fairytale story of evolution – they themselves are the dying breed with literally no hope, future or purpose.  Oh, the irony of being the weaker ‘species’.

So allow me to share some insight into the ungodly trolls here who proselytize their cult of atheism to weak and impressionable minds.

Herewith, a few disturbing similarities between the atheist cult and Satanism:

Both religions claim to deny the existence of God.

Both religions claim to deny the existence of Satan.

Yep, he really thinks non-belief is a belief, and that non-belief is similar to satanism. Oh and lets toss in the anti-science stance with phrases such as “the impossible big bang” and “the myth of evolution”. You know that it is simply not worth bothering to even begin to engage with him, anybody who thinks that 99.98% of scientists are complete idiots is quite frankly completely buggered and has no way of working out the things that are actually true.

That wooshing sound you can distinctly hear is the sound of reality rushing on by and leaving this moron in the dust somewhere back in the medieval ages. So yes, there is indeed a village out there who have granted their idiot access to the internet.

I would truly like to think that it is simply a troll designed to provoke a reaction by pushing all the buttons, but sadly I suspect he is being quite serious and really does believe that atheism and satanism are more or less the same. He is not alone, 17 other nutters click “Recommend” for his posting, he also “engages” (if that is the right word) with all the face palming commenters

So how best to respond to this? … Well how about with a Jesus Facepalm …

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