Clueless Idiot of the Week: Mr Pat Robertson

As I’m sure you are aware, a rather tragic shooting took place at a Sikh temple in the US in suburban Milwaukee

So what was the cause? Well, according to the infamous televangelist Mr Pat Robertson “Satanic” atheists are to blame … no really, here is a clip of him saying so. I should perhaps also warn you that it is a truly bizarre clip that demonstrates a jaw-dropping degree of both intolerance and ignorance.

So let us take a quick tour of some of the truly profound daftness on show here

  • They hate God” – Really! – how exactly can you hate something that you don’t even think exists? He really has no idea that non-belief is just that ….. NON-BELIEF.
  • Satanist Atheists” – Sigh! … these terms are of course mutually exclusive.
  • “angry” – Damn right, especially when confronted with clueless idiots broadcasting daft claims

Mr Robertson does appear to excel at making a complete ass of himself on an almost weekly basis, in fact I do ponder if there have been any recent tragedies that he has not seen as an opportunity that can be exploited.

As for the shooting itself, the murderer has been identified by all the media stories as “a neo-Nazi skinhead in the very thick of the white supremacist movement” who talked about racial holy war. Astonishingly, Mr Robertson appears to have missed all that and thinks the motivation was non-belief.

But then this is the same chap who thinks that anybody who does not believe what he believes is a Satanist. That includes both the victims of this abhorrent shooting, the Sikh community, and also many other variations of Christian belief.

He is a complete religious nut of course. If he was a lone nut that nobody listened to, I’d not bother blogging about him, but rather scarcely he has millions who tune in and listen to his vapid nonsensical babbling on his Christian Broadcasting Network that goes out to 180 countries in 71 different languages.

I must however admit that he is truly gifted in one area, he deserves a gold medal in the bullshit relay … here are a few random highlights to illustrate that …

This is indeed no ordinary religious kook, but rather a kook of truly Olympian stature.

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