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Where Can I get it?

This is a 2 day offer that runs out at the end of Sun 19th so go grab a copy now.

What is it all about?

Islam claims to be both the fastest growing religion, and also asserts itself to be a religion of peace, yet almost each and every day we face a constant steam of news about human rights abuses committed in the name of Islam, and that includes numerous examples of Intolerance, Misogyny, Homophobia, violence and even murder, so what are the real facts here?

If curious to know, then this is the book for you.

Is this Islamophobia?

The very idea of such a book might motivate some to respond “this will not only offend a lot of people, but it is also Islamophobia“.

This criticism is tackled head-on at the very start and fully addressed. If indeed it was making daft assertions that are clearly not true, for example claiming that “All Muslims are evil” or some such similar rhetoric, then the book would indeed be guilty as charged, but no, there is a recognition that in reality most humans are both decent and honourable, and strive to live a good life – Muslims are no exception to this observation.

So what is going on?

Why the violence, where is it coming from and what is actually happening? Well, that is really what this book is all about, because it digs right into that.

What is it that motivates people to behave in a truly abhorrent manner, what exactly is going on inside their heads? Can we or should we in fact deploy criticism against the ideas and beliefs that drive such actions, especially when the thinking is cherished as divine in origin and is truly believed to have been commanded by a god.

Yes, but if I read it, what will I actually find?

The book tackles these issues by first examining the rather unique challenge faced by those that dare to criticise Islam, then moves on to argue that the term “Islam” is in reality a rather large umbrella that shelters a vast diversity of different conflicting thoughts, and is not in any way a single belief at all.

It will also reveal that the rise of the internet is having a dramatic impact upon the belief and is proving to be quite disruptive. As a result there is a rising tide of disbelief within many Islamic communities.

Additionally, the primary source that is accepted almost universally, the Qur’an, will be examined and demonstrated to not be a perfect text at all as is often claimed, but that it instead contains a lot of information that is factually incorrect, and so this demonstrates that it is the product of a 7th century worldview and was not dictated by a god.

Bad Ideas

There is also one other key point that is given emphases. Criticism of Islam is not about the condemnation of a cultural heritage, but rather is criticism being deployed specifically against irrational beliefs that motivate bad behaviour. Like all humans, the majority of Muslims are decent honourable people who generally strive to live in peace and tolerance, and to do what is right for themselves, their family, and all other humans. The criticism within this book is specifically directed against the bad ideas that motivate some to behave in a truly abhorrent and immoral manner, and so it is that fact-based criticism that is the essence of this book.

Where Can I get it?

This is a special 2 day offer that runs out at the end of Sun 19th so go grab a copy now at this special price.


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