Weekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News: 14Jul19

Cartoonist Rob Rogers who was fired for cartoons that criticised Trump, drew the above this last week asking … “Have we no shame?

When faced with a constant stream of utterly weird claims, when you observe that actions such as locking kids in cages or the setting up of concentration camps for immigrants causes no pause in political support, when the “High Moral Ground” is occupied by hypocrites, then you do have to wonder if it will all have long term implications.

It will, and also it is already doing exactly that.

Gallup published their latest results this past week. here is one highlight …

What Weird happened during the last 7 days?

The Cult of Trump continues to thrive …

  • Hank Kunneman Calls on God to Release ‘Angelic Reinforcements’ to Ensure Trump Wins in 2020During the service, Kunneman, who brags of being “known for a strong prophetic anointing as he preaches,” spoke in tongues, passionately hugged an American flag, and proclaimed that when the fireworks were shot off during Trump’s “Salute to America” event on the National Mall on the 4th of July, it would be a signal that a “myriad of angels” were being released from Heaven.
    • (Babbling incoherently while hugging the flag = very symbolic of the current administration is so many ways)
  • Megan Rapinoe’s Criticism of Trump a Sign of Spiritual Warfare, Says ‘Ex-Gay’ Speaker … “published a column in Charisma on Friday saying that Rapinoe’s emphatic declaration that she would not visit the White House “proves we are in a spiritual battle.”” …
    • (Actually, all it really verifies is that she is not a Fucking lunatic)
  • Paula White: The White House Is ‘Holy Ground’ Because ‘Where I Stand Is Holy’ … “Wherever I go, God rules. When I walk on White House grounds, God walks on White House grounds. When I walked in The River, God walked in The River. When I go in to the dry cleaners, that dry cleaning place becomes holy. I have every right and authority to declare the White House as holy ground because I was standing there and where I stand is holy” –
    • (That would be “Holy” as in the term “Holy Shit, she is Crazy”).
  • Rick Joyner declares that those who didn’t support President Trump’s “Salute To America” Independence Day event on the National Mall are “traitors to their own country.”
  • Miriam Adelson hopes that the Bible will one day include a “Book of Trump”:  … “Would it be too much to pray for a day when the Bible gets a ‘Book of Trump,’ much like it has a ‘Book of Esther’ celebrating the deliverance of the Jews from ancient Persia? Until that is decided, let us, at least, sit back and marvel at this time of miracles for Israel, for the United States, and for the whole world.
    • (There will indeed be a great celebration when the Nation is finally delivered from Trump)

Bizarre Claims …

  • Jesus Christ, The Free-Market Capitalist? … ” Jesus Christ was an ardent advocate of free market capitalism” … (This supposed “Free Market Capitalist” is the same guy who told all his followers to sell all they had and give it all to the poor if they wanted to follow him)
  • The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles posted an entire video attempting to explain why the sport of soccer is “anti-American.”

Disconnected from Reality …

  • Religious Right Commentators Suggest Climate Change Is A ‘Trojan Horse’ And A ‘Religion’ …“Even if we put more carbon dioxide into the air, what do plants have to have to survive?” Pilgrim asked. “That’s right, carbon dioxide, so they take CO2 in and they produce oxygen. God created a system that manages and keeps this in balance. …
    • (These are clearly folks who would also view science as a liberal conspiracy sent by Satan)
  • Despite the fact that he has no official credentials and is generally wrong about everything, David Barton was still featured on Fox News as a legitimate historian.
    • (Make shit up, and has no credentials – sounds like he is a perfect fit for Fox News)
  • Lance Wallnau says that an End Times “false prophet” spirit “animates the global fake news industry. They are the modern false prophets of Baal… serving a Jezebel power that is linked to politics.”
    • (Translation: Lance is pissed that his favourite conspiracy theories are not in the news)

Weird Weather Control Claims …

None of these guys appear to understand what actually causes weather. They all appear to think it is supernatural.

Epstein Conspiracy claims …

  • On last night’s episode of “TruNews,” Rick Wiles and Edward Szall declared that Jeffrey Epstein was likely at the center of a “Mossad honeypot” operation created to obtain incriminating information that Israel could use to blackmail powerful American political leaders, while also suggesting that Chandra Levy and Monica Lewinsky were probably Mossad agents.
  • Liz Crokin celebrated Epstein’s arrest by proclaiming that … “the world will soon learn that everything I’ve been reporting is true.

Hating the Clintons is still a popular obsession …

  • Dave Daubenmire claims that … “Chappaqua, New York, is being held hostage by the Clintons.
  • Chris McDonald says that Hillary Clinton sold her soul to the devil and uses astral projection to intimidate her enemies and critics.

Racism Incarnate …

  • Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has signed a proclamation declaring Saturday as Nathan Bedford Forrest Day. Forrest was a Confederate Army general and the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Was there anything else weird that happened?

Each and every single week, there always is a constant flow of “weird”…

  • Former AZ Head of Education Blames Democrats for Flying “Pedephilia Flag”
  • A White Supremacist Set Himself on Fire While Trying to Burn Down a Synagogue
  • “Straight Pride” Organizers Call Authorities Over Envelopes Full of… Glitter
  • Pastor Guilty of Sex Trafficking Children Asks Judge to “Have Mercy” on Him
  • Jim Bakker: I Went to Prison Because Critics Worried I’d Endorse Pat Robertson
  • CA Lawmaker Withdraws Bill Requiring Catholic Priests to Report Child Sex Abuse
  • Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser”: Satan Tried to Kill Me With an IV Drip
  • MS GOP Gov. Candidate Won’t Let Woman Reporter Shadow Him Without Male Chaperone
  • GOP Candidate Said Undermining LGBTQ Rights Was Like Saving Jews in WWII
  • Catholic Televangelist Inches Toward Sainthood After Vatican Approves “Miracle”
  • Megachurch Youth Pastor Gets Just 3 Years for Sexually Abusing Teen Girl
  • Christian School Fires Professor for Writing Novel With Un-Christian Characters
  • Sex Offender-Turned-Christian Missionary Charged with Molesting Orphans in Kenya

Finally … sometimes you find stuff that is so weird that you think “That’ just can’t be true”. You just might be right …

The big challenge is that the real stuff is often so bizarre that you can’t tell it apart from satire.

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